The First Treaty of Erybis

  • Viscount

    Here it be stated that the war between man and dwarf shall fall to an immediate halt and termination. As a means to an end, and to a prosperous future for all, we the races of Candarion agree to live in peace. May any violence ensue from henceforth between man and dwarf, if shall be considered treason and taken to the Court of the People, where the man in offense shall face proper legal consequences and punishment. This treaty proposes and guarantees the collaboration and unity between man and dwarf, by proposing indirect integration. Human and Dwarf may live within immediate proximity if under the direction of the following mandations: 1) the settlement is race inclusive. 2) Trade is made common between the races. 3) Lordship follows Dwarven custom. If these are met, man and dwarf may settle within direct proximity and may facilitate in trade for the ages to come.

    Poh the Wise
    Gredden the Brute
    Apollo the Rage
    Jesofierre the Captain

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