Diary from Elias, 668 FC: My Arrival in Erybis, The Annexation of Erybis

  • Viscount

    A city of trade and integration of the races. To my left I see a hard-working Dwarven man tending to a human's broken sword. To my right, I see a wildly populated market with Dwarven children playing with human boys and girls.

    My first thought was, what a beautiful sight that in my absence, my people formed such a beautiful society. So peaceful and wonderfully designed. The cultural vibe I felt from the blend of the races tingled my nerves. It was a paradise.

    Or so I thought.

    I spoke with a Dwarven scholar by the name of Henry the Third. He told me tales, terrifying tales that also made my nerves tingle. I learned through his story the torment my men put the Dwarven people through, as he told me how his mother was eaten by a reptilian beast while they were on the run from a human invasion of their homeland.

    Disgusting, truly.

    Honestly, I feel infuriated. Yes, it turned into this beautiful land, although it is built on bloody foundations. My men were sent as nomads by me in order to find land to claim, in hopes to expand the Ornthasian empire. I am beyond displeased that in my name they tormented a native race, essentially stealing their land.

    And so, Henry took me to the lord of the Dwarven settlement, Erybis. His name is Jeofold the Almighty, descended from their king of war, Apollo. He then arranged for Albert, the lord of River's End, the human settlement downhill, to meet us at the Court of the People. There, we negotiated the second treaty of Erybis.

    Henceforth, Erybis is now entirely united between the races and has been annexed into Ornthas with myself as ruler over the land.

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