Execution Methods

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    The Kryizon Empire prides itself on its laws and its judicial process, giving its citizens* the right to a fair trial and right to watch spectacular executions. Part of Kryizon's judicial system is its executions, here below states the various ways a person may be executed in Kryizon.

    The criminal is tied or nailed to a cross and left to die, this usually occurs from asphyxiation or dehydration, occasionally they will be killed by a scavenging animal.
    Crucifixions are reasonably rare usually reserved for slaves who rebel or murder their masters, sedition or high treason.

    Strangulation is a Kryizon favourite usually for Kryizon's greatest enemies, the person would be publically strangled to death in front of a large crowd.

    The Sack
    The sack is an especially cruel punishment where the criminal is beaten bloody with sticks before being bound and sewn up inside a sack with rocks. The sack is then thrown into the ocean or a nearby river. This is often used for patricide.

    This is generally received for Kryizon citizens as it is considered quite merciful. This method is also employed within the army for desertion.

    Bamboo Impalement
    A slow painful death used mainly for rapists, this execution involves suspending the criminal horizontally above a bamboo plant, the due to the speed of bamboo growth the plant will grow through the criminal within 2 days.

    A harsh punishment exacted onto a Legion by its commander whereby the members of the Legion are forced to select every tenth person to be executed usually by beating from members of the same Legion. This method is usually employed when Legions fail to perform or discipline needs to be restored.

    Fed to Beasts
    Often troublesome slaves are sold to the gladiator rings and sent into the fighting pits unarmed to be killed by beasts from around the empire.

    Pair Drowning
    Kryizon tends to frown upon spilling blood, especially within Kyzon City, when dealing with a large amount of criminals two methods are often employed, the first is Pair drowning. Two criminals are tied back to back and one criminal has their throat slit, then they are pushed into the ocean where the other one drowns, this reduces the amount of blood spilt.

    Thrown from the Thesalyn Hill
    This execution method is the other common, less bloody method of death used for mass amounts of criminals. Simply the criminal is pushed from the top of the Thesalyn Hill over a cliff, falling about 30 metres to their hopeful death.

    *Slaves are seen as property, not citizens and therefore do not need a trial to be executed.

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