Custom Spawned Ravagers at Caravans

  • Count

    This got some merit in the discussion channel, so this is an official discussion.

    This proposal would allow realm leaders to request several Ravagers with the Invulnerable and NoAI tags be spawned near a caravan, as decorations, to represent the beasts pulling the caravans.
    Those tags mean the model will just stand in the position it was summoned, unable to move or die. Its static, but looks nice.

    This is just a fun little feature to make use of the new ravager models, and because due to the limits of minecraft, most caravans are a little too large conceivably be pulled by horses.

    I think the best way to limit this is to require an official request be made to the infrastructure minister, and that they will specifically be for the 2 ends of a caravan fast travel route.

    thoughts, concerns, ideas?

  • Duke

    I'd like for this to be strictly for Fast Travel Caravans and not something proliferate around realms. I agree that it would be an interesting and cool thing, I just do want this instance to be the precedent cited for people wanting a bunch of other NoAI stuff spawned in just for the look and feel. I think a lot can be achieved with the base minecraft and some imagination.

  • Baron

    @ThunderPony agreed

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