Petrified oak slab recipe

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    I knew petrified oak slabs existed, but never really looked into them until now.

    Apparently they are essentially a stone slab with the oak slab texture, and only available in creative.

    This would have been really useful before we got fire pits, as you could have wood above netherrack fires without burning your building down. Still might be some limited use there though.

    But I also recently found out that john smith, and possibly others, have a separate textures for them. I'm always for improving our palette options.
    In john smith, it is similar to dirt, and could be used for flooring, but we could also change it in the candarion pack if someone has a good idea.

    As for the actual recipe, maybe the same as how we do clay, but with oak slabs, and a bone meal in the center?

    I don't know/care If it's easy or hard to craft. I just think it would be useful to have access to it in survival.

    Questions, thoughts, concerns?

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