The Stonemasons Guild: Erybis

  • Viscount

    Overlooking the trading yard of Erybis, the Stonemasons Guild lays built into the cascading mountains. Almost an exclusively dwarven community, the stonemasons of the guild use their expertise to craft intricate stone pieces and many specialty stones to provide to the to the further development of Erybis... all at a price, of course. Upon the selling of their product, the stonemasons use their wealth to first provide for its members. The remaining profit goes toward providing food for the poor. The stonemasons have a influence on the poor, as they are the reason that many of them can manage to survive. The stonemasons often request, although more so demand, favor from those they repeatedly help, by putting them into servitude of the guild.

    Those in servitude are granted small housing and food. In return, they must work long hours in the mines, gathering stones of all sorts for the guild. These laborers are not slaves though, as it may seem. They receive plentiful pay, and often train in the craft on their free days. After contracts expire, those in servitude may continue to work and train with the guild, or are sent on their way back to their families.

    Not only servants train in the guild. Often times, many from across the land come to the guild in hopes to learn the craft. Master stonemasons are often relatively wealthy, and the best of them can be as lucky as to be taken in by a lord to work in their manor with tremendous benefits. Many who study with the guild move on to build their own homes with their new skills, and are sometimes lucky enough to get the materials from the guild at a discounted price.

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