Lian Power Structure

  • Baron

    The Lian Clan is a sect of the greater Cultivation Clans, a race of humans loosely connected by a common racial ancestry and culture. They lack a formal government body, as their numbers are quite low, numbering in the low hundreds. In the place of a leading government body stands the backbone of Lian society, the common family.

    The Lian make societal decisions on a personal family level, with the eldest member among them acting as the head of their household. This often results in conflict between families who disagree over the direction of the clan, or use of shared land. Therefore the Lian rarely, if ever, make decisions as a formal group, rather they make decisions for their families that often clash with the choices of other members of the clan.

    The family which proves itself to be the most physically fit will often guide the larger Lian settlements, which may consist of a handful of families. The disruptive nature of the non-singular head of government is one factor in most Lian settlements remaining small, with many families continuing the tradition of nomadic herding rather than settling in groups.

    Land conflict is rather rare in Lian society as families move throughout the year, unbothered by who decides to use the land after them; simply seeking out refreshed terrain for their flocks of animals.

    The largest Lian settlement, The Village of Lian, consists of a group of families whose strong ancestral friendship has aided them in the construction of a permanent settlement, rare among the Lian people. The council of elder’s between the families sharing the land is often incompetent in greater societal goals, as they have little passion for expansion or creating changing within their community. This informal council holds little power over their own settlement, and absolutely none over the majority of nomadic families within the clan.

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