Elias' Petition for Baron

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    Hello friends, today I've decided I'm ready to re-do my petition for Baron. Admittedly my first was very hasty and I had a lot of work to do. I believe that now, though, I am ready. I have also checked with my liege, Alric. He supports my petition for barony.

    I first joined the server in May, and began my first settlement in June along with my first lore post. Since then, I have been working hard on writing my lore and developing my part of Ornthas. It has been a fun road, and I've only begun the journey. As of today, I have developed three settlements, with a few in my thoughts as future plans.

    In my regional capital of Ornthas, Erybis, I have built 43 builds. I have two homes in the works that only need some interiors completed, and then I will have 45. I have done a lot of landscaping, statue building, farm tending, plaza developments, market stalls and many more things that I do not count as builds. The past couple of weeks, I have devoted hours toward improving the small things, to ensure that everything is in the best condition is can be. There is always room for improvement, but I believe my capital has reached a pretty decent state.

    Further East is my settlement of Timberock, currently hosting six builds that I consider complete. The main feature of Timberock is my work in progress castle. I am not counting it as a build yet, but it has stolen many of my hours and is worth a look. I currently haven't done much work at Timberock, and I plan to greatly expand it in the future.

    A little over a week ago, Alric gave me the idea to create a small hamlet... and so I did. I almost got a little carried away and he was concerned I would make it too big. It was so much fun to work on! For a small little hamlet, I sure poured my soul into it. Complete with a rich in interior design manor home, two farmhouses, stables with a stablehome, a stoneworker, a forge, mill, and a plot of farmland that over doubles the size of the hamlet, my hamlet by the name of Elricstead has 7 completed builds.

    I have another settlement called Fort Westbridge as a future plan, though it currently only has stables that I wont count as a build as of yet. That can be found further east of Timberock.

    Bringing me to a total of 56 builds.

    I have compiled an Imgur album, but Erybis is much better to see in person. Feel free to visit, south of Athol. I'm also open to schedule tours with anyone interested.

    As far as lore is concerned, I have quite a library accumulating on the forums (maybe not a library, but feel free to give my posts a read!) I have a lot of lore accumulating in my head that I've been developing from the start, but I'm not ready to post much of it. I can promise that I have a lot more coming!

    My plans for barony will be to continue working with Alric in Ornthas. I'm not ready to leave behind my work, as I'm having a great time and I love to work with Alric. I will be plotting my realm in the meantime though.

    A link to my imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/2F3O6Wp
    Be sure to click "load 40 more images"!-- yeah sorry I went a little overboard, but I tried to simplify it as I uploaded them.

    Thank you! Any questions, comments, or concerns will be appreciated in the comments.

    Resolved: https://forums.candarion.com/topic/412/petition-for-elias-rank-advancement-to-baron

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    Just want to say this time I was involved beforehand, and believe Elias is well beyond the requirements for Baron.

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    I'm of the opinion that you're ready and deserving of your rank ascension, especially since this is not your first try and you and your liege personally feel you are ready after your first attempt. Though I don't recall seeing you post much lore on the forums, you're pretty much always active on the server. Because of all that, I give you my vote and support.

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