Report from Ninth Cavalry Scouts

  • Baron

    Report from Ninth Cavalry Scouts. Written decompression follows, behalf of Ninth Cavalier Spahrak Deleidus,
    Cavalier Premiere;
    Executive Council.

    Ninth Cavalry Scouting division was sent on orders of the Ninth Cavalier and Cavalier Premiere to conduct a more thorough coastal survey of the eastern portion of the Coghanese island. Cartographic survey units were sent alongside, recovered from the prior expedition of the Sixth Cavalry Scouts, “Blood Biters.” Prior estimates find that the Sixth Scouts ventured a significantly smaller distance than initially expected; the corresponding expedition undertaken by the Seventh Scouts went nearly twice as far. The Ninth Scouts were sent on a two-year expedition to scout the eastern shore of the Coghanese isle. Below are their (noteworthy) findings.

    Shipwrecks. As examined before, these supposedly Ancient Coga vessels are suspectedly artefact in nature and could provide information about our history prior to the Erasure. A bold scout stripped herself nude and dove into the black waves to investigate the shipwrecks–three of which were found– and retrieved a few select items and much information.
    Items retrieved include:
    -Several (9) untarnished coins of unknown material
    -One (1) broken dagger of unknown material
    -A sliver of obsidian mentioned in Appendix A
    ---The scout in question, Scout Feltris, identified one of the ships as being markedly different from the design of the other two, both in shape/size and material construction. She concludes with high certainty that the salient vessel is not of Ancient Coga make, suggesting the presence of a trade network, or leisure/private vessels owned by individuals or families sufficiently wealthy to afford vessels of their own unique construction.

    Ruined Fortresses. Also seen on the Sixth Scouts expedition some years prior, sundered fortresses likely hailing back to the Tyrant Age were noted far in the distance on clear days. Usually shrouded in mist, the treachery of access and the general sense of fear instilled upon sight (as previously reported) ensured that no further investigation was undertaken.

    Salient findings include:

    Unknown Sea Creature: Incredibly large in size and spotted in clear weather, these sightings entirely corroborate those expressed in the Sixth Scouts expeditionary decompression.

    Ice Spines: Late in our journey we happened upon a field of spines, some several meters across and anywhere from tens to hundreds of meters tall. These intensely blue, very large ice crystals harbored scant life. Smaller spines themselves seem to contain human bodies or corpses. Such suspect spines were avoided, a sense of dread permeating from them much like the fortresses. One such spine that seemed clear of any psychological hazards has been returned to Ighodia in a cart. It is estimated to weigh in excess of two tons. I myself recommend the immediate examination of the crystal, as it has already begun to melt.

    This concludes the noteworthy information of the Ninth Scouts expedition.

    For the prior expedition undertaken by the Blood Biters, see “Report from Sixth Cavalry Scouts, ‘Blood Biters.’”

    For further inquiry, consult the Ninth Cavalier directly.

    [A]: Much in the same way the fortresses and select gargantuan ice spines elicited an unprompted psychological response of fear, dread, and foreboding, the obsidian sliver recovered by Scout Feltris seems to exude an aura of want, longing. It is for this reason that Feltris was able to find the sliver in the dark bowels of the ship. It was squabbled over for some time, driving many scouts to covetous rage, before it was confiscated by myself and sealed as best as I was able. It remains in my possession to this date.