Lore Prompt 1: Local Delicacy

  • Prince

    What is a local Delicacy in your realm? How is it made? Does it use an ingredient only found in your realm? How would outsiders react to it?

    If this inspires you reply to this with a link to the entry on it, be it a post on the forums or on the wiki.

  • Baron

    The greatest delicacies to be served in the courts of the Sogad are not often based on their taste alone, but also in the manner they showcase and individuals wealth and power towards his guests.

    A popular but exclusive dish is a type of rice pudding known as Kheer. It is prepared by mixing boiling sweet milk spiced with cinnamon, cardamon, and saffron with a mixture of rice, flower, and rosewater. The finished pudding is generally stored in an icepit called a Yakhchal and is served chilled with shaved cinnamon added on top. Kheer is often eaten with black unfiltered coffee - the bitterness of which is designed to enhance the sweetness of the pudding.

    Though its sweetness is already a luxury to be enjoyed in itself, it is the ingredients and preperation required that makes this dish a delicacy. The spices, particularly the saffron, are tightly-kept commodities well sought after throughout Sogadar and beyond and are traditional symbols of wealth and royalty. The rice is often imported from the select few fertile regions that can support the crop or is brought in from foreign trade. Coffee is not grown or cultivated anywhere in Sogadar, and so would have to be imported north from Mehraqi.

    Kheer and Coffee - other than offering guests to taste the most exclusive flavours Sogadar and beyond has to offer - reflects on the wealth, status, and standing of the host and his ability to obtain these ingredients and prepare this dish.

    To outsiders, this reverence to the rarest of decadence and its relationship with an individuals public image further confirms their perception of the Sogad as a people prone to intense hedonism. But given that commoners drink beer to the substance of a porriadge with a straw and eat goat slow-cooked by burying it underground, you could hardly fault the nobility for requiring such an extremely lavish dish to call a delicacy.

  • Baron


    I wrote a forum post inspired by your post 🙂


  • Viscount


    I know this prompt is quite old, but I finally wrote a post regarding it. Not so much a real delicacy as a strange (but legal and actively sold) stimulant.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Minister Duke


    Year old prompt, but I finally picked a food I liked the look of to be a local delicacy.

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