Minister of Infrastructure Candidacy

  • Baron

    Its time for the next minister term to come around. If you are of Baron rank or higher and wish to run for the position of Minister of Infrastructure, please announce your candidacy here. you have until 9/8/19 to do so.

  • Minister Duke

    I would like to run for the position of Infrastructure Minister

    My Platform:

    I believe that I would be a good candidate for the position of Infrastructure Minister for a few reasons. I have helped construct and maintain nearly all of the public farms, such as the Guardian farm, Iron farm, and the Gold farm. I have created the largest trade hall on the server, and I am working on expanding it for all to use. I achieved a goal set by the previous minister single-handedly, and I regularly did maintenance on the various farms when I was Deputy Minister of Infrastructure for one and a half terms. My goals if elected are to create a Wither skeleton farm and revamp and or build a new blaze farm for greater efficiency. I believe that and more can be accomplished, and I think large farms dedicated to each crop type, and some of the useful animal types such as a larger wool farm, and a larger cow farm can be built in this next term. Thank you, and I hope you vote for me now that I have been a part of and some have experience in the Infrastructure Ministry.

  • Baron

    I am running again.

    I'll continue to be your no BS, fast and attentive minister you've all come to love. I'll continue to uphold the standards previously set out and will make changes when the community thinks it is appropriate. Vote for me and I may slip you a black market iguana (not for sure cause I don't control the iguanas).

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