Kohese Violet

  • Baron

    The Emenkoh have always flourished beside the sea, and are intimately acquainted with the blessings it bestows. The House Kuemno built their merchant fleet on one such blessing- the humble ibbi. Unassuming small invertebrates, ibbi thrive in the murky waters of the delta, where they bury themselves in the silty estuary floors and filter feed.

    When Bar Hamiri was little more than wooden hovels, the ancestors of Kuemno found that, though ibbi had long made tasty morsels in food, their delicate purple bodies could be dried in the sun and crushed to make a rich pigment: A violet so piercing, it imbued clothing with unrivaled beauty. The difficulty of diving for ibbi in the muddy estuaries, and the glory of their color, made Kohese violet highly desired. House Kuemno grew rich. Bar Hamiri’s ibbi divers grew rich. The wooden hovels grew into stately plaster cottages.

    Now that Koh has begun to spread its arms through the Candarionese seaways, the violet is finding new audiences, and further solidifying the place of Tsal is Kuemno in the Kohese elite.

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