The First Written Document of Hynnboldt. 745 FC, in the woodlands of Ornthas.

  • Viscount

    I was alone in the woods with an ear piercing screech echoing in the distance. Abandoned by my parents of Elricstead, they returned to their farms with one less mouth to feed. There I remained for many nights, hunted by the woodland beasts.

    During my fourth night, I found refuge. There had been a slight opening in the ground, hidden behind collection of bushes. It was dark and damp inside the whole. A cave, of sorts. About the size of a wealthy merchant's bedroom, the cave seemed promising.

    I was but a young child with a lot to learn; however, I had a solid understanding of agriculture. I stumbled upon some cattails a short distance away from my home. Intrigued, I harvested a small bounty. I figured if only I could create flour, I would be able to feed myself. Although, I had no access to a mill. If I did, I wouldn't have been in this situation.

    Oddly enough, I found some peppers during a journey outward one day. I had no idea peppers grew in the wild on Ornthasian land. They were ghostly almost, a very pale tone with an interesting hint of purple. Never had I heard of peppers like these. I also noticed a few that had fallen from their stems, laying in the direct sunlight. On this sunny, painfully hot day, the peppers had becomes sun-dried. Imagining a nice snack, I harvested the peppers and the dried ones as well.

    A few weeks passed, and I had been learning a lot about the woodland beasts. With my knowledge, I began to use their remains to my advantage. I had found a small herd of Kujates. Kujates are giant bovine creatures with massive, curled horns. They offer a bountiful supply of leather and food supply for days. Another neat trait is their flat, strong and large teeth. I knew I could make some neat tools out of those. Using strategic positioning on the herd, I managed to scare away the herd with a loud clack, isolating one that between myself and a three cornered wall. It began to stand aggressively, but I had the upper hand. Armed with a shield made of Karvax hide, a blade designed from sharpened Saberwolf teeth, and heavy armour built from the bones of various beasts, I was ready. The Kujate charged, sealing its fate. I dived under it, not before stunning it from the side with a bash of my shield, and ended it with a deep stab from my blade. Kujate gear, acquired.

    Many months in the wild rendered me very well off. I had a strong library of armours and weapons, as well as many useful things like kilns and forges. My pepper farm had formed into decently sized fields, and I had acquired many new crops. I learned how to make spices from my sundried peppers, and used it in many things such as my spicy arbourous tree stew. An arbourous tree is a tree with a very soft, edible bark with a bitter exterior but a sweet core. Sometimes I could shave the outside of the bark and turn that into its own spice as well.

    It must have been over a year at the point when I first saw some travelling dwarves. I had never seen a dwarf before, but they are easily identifiable. I remember my parents telling my about their bulging bellies, short height and long beards. Quite honestly, they seemed primitive to me.

    My name is Hynnboldt. I go by Hynnboldt the Survivor. It has now been at least five years since my parents abandoned me in the woods. I am now 18 years of age. Far enough away from any towns or big cities, I've had little encounters with other sentient races, and have remained undiscovered. At this point, I have no intentions to return to the horrible people that left me here as a young boy. I have mined and expanded my cave, decked it with carpets and homemade furniture. My farms are large and I'm devising plans to finally craft a small mill. I do have one concern, though...

    I need a workforce. I need people.

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