The Second Written Document of Hynnboldt. 748 FC, in the woodlands of Ornthas.

  • Viscount

    A nation I wanted. I wanted to rule the land. I wanted to have subjects that would honor me and praise me as their lord. One step at a time, however. I was still but a child in a cave, despite all of my accomplishments. I had to progress, I had to grow. I was incredibly far to the northwest of my birthplace, Elricstead. It was very seldom that a traveler would pass by. Or perhaps many more did, but I wasn't there to see it. Curious, that made me.

    Naturally, I began to place traps. My time alone has led me to learn trades that very few understand. Metalwork and mechanism design. I invented a sort of trap that I could place underground with a nearly invisible trigger point on the surface. Upon activation, a dagger would surface and stab into the traveler's foot. Upon the initial attack, an encompassing series of latches would rise and lock both feet into the ground. In order to capture large groups to prevent others from freeing the captured, the setting off of one would trigger many without trigger points, of which I put nearly everywhere. The master plan had begun.

    A few days after setting my trap, I encountered a mass of dwarves. A dead mass of dwarves, that is. It seems that many of them had bled out, starved, or succumbed to the elements or wildlife. I wasn't quick enough to find them. That really wasn't the point... I didn't want them dead. However, it was curious. Where were they going? This proved my idea that perhaps they were coming more frequently than I was aware. Upon looting their remains, I noticed that among them was a cartographer. He held an inked map that he seemingly was modifying as he traveled. The end of the map displayed an image of a pool with surrounding buildings to the south of me. I wondered why they were here, as I was slightly north of Elricstead, while the map leads south of it. There must have been more to it.

    Curious of the people, I made modifications to my traps. After, my traps then would create loud cackles using gunpowder whenever a trap was triggered. No worries, the explosions were minimal and harmless to the people.

    Of course, the next day I heard some cackles near where I found the dead dwarves. I made my way to the site, and this time, to my surprise, I found Elves. As I came out from the brush and made my presence known, the Elves harassed me. Clearly terrified, they insulted me and screamed.

    I hadn't had a need to verbalize words in so long, it took me a moment to push the air out to speak. After hesitation, I asked them what brought them here. Not to my surprise, they insulted me further. One of them said something about he is my real father and my mother was a pig... he said he did her real good and left. Elves, ladies and gentlemen.

    I threatened the elves, telling them I could blow them up this instant. It was a fluke, but it didn't matter. They mentioned something about how they would ascend to higher greatness and they would be rid of me.

    I heard bristling leaves and the faint snap of a twig behind me.

    Suddenly, a fat dwarf leaped at me, hoping to pin me under his tremendous weight. To no avail that was, I swiftly dodged him and he fell onto a trap, stabbed in the gut rather than the foot.

    A small group of following dwarves slowly extended out of hiding. They made no aggressive moves but rather looked terrified.

    "Please, he was foolish we mean no harm." A lady dwarf tells me. She extends her hands and lowers her head. I simply stared at her.

    "By the name of Artemis and for the sake of Elias, do not touch my wife I beg of you..." The wounded man cried.

    I realized they hailed from the capital. That just made me wonder about the elves. Last I recalled, there were no Elves in all our land. "Them." I said, pointing at the elves. "Who are they? What are they doing here with you?"

    "They come from north of here. Very far north. They say they hail from across the sea in another land. We encountered them for the first time years ago. We meet here to exchange plans of immigration, as their land is plagued and falling into disarray." The woman eagerly admitted. She continued to keep her head low.

    "Will there be more elves coming?" I ask, formulating a plan.

    "Yes, many more are already on their way. Why?"

    "Then I kill these ones. You dwarves stay and build my city with me. The elves cannot know of this. When more come, you dwarves will direct them to the capital and tell them nothing of me."

    That day I exterminated seven elves. I took on a group of 14 hesitant dwarves, but upon healing the wounded man, they warmed up to me just a little. Oddly, the man and woman became the most loyal to me.

    It has now been three years. With the intentions of staying hidden, and my dwarven workforce's natural stoneworking skills, we have dug underground to build out city. Above ground we have maintained a few farms, though they have not been an issue. I imagine the elves have long since finalized their immigration plans, as I have seen many large groups travelling southeast.

    The city... is still not much of a city. We have greatly expanded and every dwarf is housed. We have been making plans of recruitment with frequent espionage trips to the capital. Rumor has it that many dwarves don't like the immigrating elves... perhaps we shall soon see an influx of workers to help develop our infrastructure.

    We shall continue to dig deeper. We shall continue to grow.

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