Sivian's Story: Part 2 - Captivity

  • Prince

    “Now I've got a treat for you today. Something I am sure no one else has even the mind, let alone the means to offer.” Kareem was a salesman of a fair caliber but his pitch always left his customers wishing he'd just show them rather than spending hours speaking on the product. He was swaddled in cloth, brows and reds that were indicative of his Isaran heritage.

    Jared frowned deeply at Kareem's words but followed the thin salesman close enough. What Kareem lacked in being a good salesman, he made up for by bringing some of the most exotic products that he had ever seen. His fighting pits brimmed with men and creatures that brought fans to his seats over those pits in larger cities. Jared was a broad man, short with a thick beard that was cut into a W shape.

    “We caught her out in the wilderness, a hard fight but worth-”

    “She? Kareem, I don't have use of concubines I need fighters.” Jared stopped in his tracks and crossed his arms over his barrel like chest.

    Kareem turned around and held up his hands and began to sign, although he was well aware that Jared could understand his frantic hand signs. He took a moment and smiled. “No-no. Trust me, she is a creature that will wow your customers. Let me tell you, she will be worth every ounce of her considerable price.” Kareem started to walk again, Jared followed although the reluctance in his stance remained.

    “I don't know what they call them, but whatever she is, I would hope there aren't many more of them. So we catch her and we get her on the ship and start to ride, now we don't really feed them much on the ship, weak means they travel well.”

    “And I have to spend a week getting them in fighting shape again.” Jared quipped.
    Kareem chuckled. “A week in and we go down to check on them at a port and, she has killed one of the other slaves. She drank his blood and practically tore his neck out. We had to put her in one of the beast cages after that, she managed to kill one of my men in the process. Two more weeks, and we just tossed in whoever was the weakest cargo to keep her alive. The men took to calling her the Blood Drinker. I think it's a name that fits.”

    Jared's arms fell from his chest and he seemed at the least interested.

    They got to a large tent, unlike most in Isara this was a light brown tent rather than bright red. What they were doing so far out in the desert was far from legal. Slavery in Isara was strictly forbidden but the canal nation had its vices and illegal goods and people flowed through its ports as easily as the waters. Inside the tend were cages filled with wild animals, and then posts where people from many regions were chained up. Elves, dwarves, humans all sizes and shapes. In the far back of the tent in a cage that still demanded a wide berth was Sivian. The cage was meant for a beast so she was able to stand up in it although her head just barely brushed the top as she paced back and forth, moving in the cage like many of the other predators. They had stripped her of her armor and she was down to only linen black pants and the cloth wrapping that bound her chest flatter in her armor. Dried blood covered her mouth and the formerly tan colored linen around her torso and even her hands although her fingers had long since been licked clean.

    Kareem and Jared walked to her cage but stopped with enough room. Sivian stopped and stared at both men, her eyes were practically iridescent golden color. She could hear the men speak and point at her but she had no idea what they were saying and it made her all the more angry, she bared her teeth and growled at them, revealing the long fangs in her mouth.

    Jared took a step back.

    “Truly a beast. We had her in a lighter cage but she bent one of the bars and almost escaped.”

    “You lie?!” Jared said as she looked to Kareem.

    “I am not a liar. You can see for yourself when you buy her and she runs away from your light shackles.” Kareem laughed. He knew the sale had already been made.

    “What do you want for her.” Jared said taking a step forward and leaning in a bit to see her more.

    “I could have no less than her weight.”

    Jared didn't even hesitate. “You shall have it.” He leaned back away from her. “I'll need food for the trip. Lets see what else you have.”

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