The Story of Creation (Kakaisdan) Part 1

  • Knight

    At the beginning of time, the earth was bare. No trees, no water, and no light. Monsters roamed the surface, devouring anything that crossed their paths. Humans huddled in their homes, unwilling to step out into the endless night. It was at this bleak time that two celestial beings were born: Arawa and Buwen, sister and brother. Arawa, the eldest, sought to put an end to the human’s suffering. She spent countless years forging a ball of raging flames; hot enough to boil the oceans and brilliant enough to blind any who dared look. When she had finished her creation, Arawa raised it aloft and engulfed the world in light. It was powerful enough to destroy the beasts who once ruled the surface, driving them underground. For the first time, humans were able to explore the world, to create and to thrive. On this day, Arawa became the goddess of the Sun. She held the sun over her head day after day, keeping the world lit. But this was not to last...

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