How to resolve an election tie

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    Memo and Bryson tied for the position of Minister of Infrastructure this week, and we currently do not have a system to resolve this.

    Personally, i'm thinking we should just rehold the election for another 7 day period, repeating until someone is victorious.

    With that in mind, and so we can start the election today and resolve it next sunday, I'd like to make that a justice policy (which we can vote into law next week) if everyone agrees.

    If there is any doubt, we can talk about it, get an emergency vote going this week (if the other two ministers agree) and hopefully get the vote done in time to start the reelection next monday.

    Thoughts, ideas, concerns?

    Resolved and implemented as a justice minister policy

  • Prince

    I am 100% fine with that as a temporary stopgap to the tie and a bridge until we can get a more firm policy in place.

    I look forward to hearing the two candidate talk more about their positions and plans in order to sway voters to their side.

  • Baron

    @Alric I propose we change the current wording for minister elections to also include the event that we have more than 2 candidates.

    If no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes cast, another round of voting occurs, with the candidate receiving the least votes removed from the ballot. If only 2 candidates remain and it's a tie, voting begins again until someone gets a majority

  • Baron

    I think the solution is as simple as the newly elected, or reelected, ministers just vote for one of the two candidates. If in the future there is a three, four, five, whatever way tie then we have a runoff. But in the case of two candidates tying then the ministers should have the final vote.

    There really isnt a need to create a whole system for this or extend it longer than it needs to be.

  • Baron

    Just gonna put what I said in discord.

    Okay so, I believe that we should have a system after a minister gets tied. That being the other three elected ministers will get to decide on who will be in the new position of whatever minister. They'll be able to listen to arguments on boths sides on why so and so would be the best candidate for the job and so on. All elected ministers would have to vote on the issue, not voting is not allowed.

    In total, the vote pool is three. So whoever gets majority of the votes will be the next Minister.

    I am really not in favoring of redoing the election cycle again, a 4 month job shouldn't take 4 weeks to elect. I've already begun feeling the election fatigue and artificially extending the process is not a good way to vote someone in as Minister.

  • Minister Duke

    I agree with Loric on this.

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