MoI Candidate Disucssion

  • Prince

    I have seen both of your platforms and have some questions.

    • What is your personal opinion of expanding the breath of our community farms. Are farms inherently a good thing? or bad? Why?
    • When farms have been exhausted what sort of projects do you see the MoI overseeing?
      *What will be the roll of Deputies in your administration.

  • Baron


    What is your personal opinion of expanding the breath of our community farms. Are farms inherently a good thing? or bad? Why?

    I really like farms in general and want to see more built. That being said, I don't see the need for them to all be commonly-owned farms and if someone wants to build some obscure mob grinder that farms only baby zombies riding chickens, then more power to them. I see community farms as being the really big ones, ones that would benefit a large number of people and are labour intensive to build (i.e. a wither skeleton farm). That is where the MoI comes in; to organize such projects so that they can be utilized by as many people as possible.

    When farms have been exhausted what sort of projects do you see the MoI overseeing?

    I would imagine the MoI will transition into more of a maintenance role, ensuring farms that fall within their jurisdiction are operating and as safe as any particular farm can be. Along with ensuring that netherlines and portals are up to snuff and marking them accordingly/contacting the related person.

    *What will be the roll of Deputies in your administration.

    I see them as a person who can assist in organizing farm construction and just another person to be on the look-out for issues that may arise with farms, lines or Erastil. The MoI role isn't as intensive as other minister roles and as such, I don't see the need for really more then one deputy, expect in the situation of large infrastructure project (like a wither skeleton farm).

    I'm a very no BS, no frills kinda a person, my role will reflect that.

  • Count

    For both candidates to discuss?
    Will the server nether and political maps continue to be maintained by memo regardless of election results? Or is that tied specifically to the ministry of infrastructure?

  • Baron

    @Alric I will be maintaining them myself, regardless of the results.

  • Minister Duke

    I greatly wish to expand public farms of nearly all types. I will be maintaining and expanding the iron farm regardless of whether or not I will be voted in, and I will likely do many of these things all by myself. I will be creating a tree farm of all types, a crop farm of all types, and animal farms of all types under the iron farm so that it will be loaded and growing/producing while anyone is at either the iron farm or the other farms below. I think these are inherently good things to have. If elected I will also be looking into making a wither skeleton farm, but this will not be my main goal if not elected. I created the iron farm myself, and it will only be maintained by me.

    I think that all the things that I have planned can be completed before the end of the term, but I plan to institute regular maintenance checks on all public farms/the farms that I plan on creating so that all can use them, and that they can be used to their fullest. Any fast travel points still require approval from the Infrastructure Ministry, regardless of who is Minister. Another project under the MoI include the nether lines which are unlikely to ever end.

    The role of deputies in my administration would be to help me maintain all public farms, create the new farms that I have proposed to be made so that they would come online faster than if it was just me working on them, and to bring new ideas to the table, because I know that I cannot think of everything that would be a good idea to build. I have shown to be active in both my own realm and helping others and doing stuff for the common good. I also see the need for more than one deputy due to the fact there are many things to look after, as well as the fact that we can not all always be online. I think that multiple deputies can more easily ensure that all things run smoothly and that all things under the Infrastructure Ministries purview can be fixed if there is a problem.

    My previously stated platform:

    • My Platform: I believe that I would be a good candidate for the position of Infrastructure Minister for a few reasons. I have helped construct and maintain nearly all of the public farms, such as the Guardian farm, Iron farm, and the Gold farm. I have created the largest trade hall on the server, and I am working on expanding it for all to use. I achieved a goal set by the previous minister single-handedly, and I regularly did maintenance on the various farms when I was Deputy Minister of Infrastructure for one and a half terms. My goals if elected are to create a Wither skeleton farm and revamp and or build a new blaze farm for greater efficiency. I believe that and more can be accomplished, and I think large farms dedicated to each crop type, and some of the useful animal types such as a larger wool farm, and a larger cow farm can be built in this next term. Thank you, and I hope you vote for me now that I have been a part of and some have experience in the Infrastructure Ministry.

  • Minister Duke

    Another idea that was put forth by Annisar was that he would like to see some more things like the old Netherline Sunday, where members of the community came together to help work on netherlines. My idea is as such: The infrastructure ministry will accept material donations for projects, and any member of the community can petition the infrastructure ministry to get some hands to help work on things pertaining to infrastructure so long as they have around 2/3 of the materials required already. In practice, it would be like gathering volunteers to help each other with long tedious projects to a; get more community involvement, and b; to get projects that do not count as builds such as roads, bridges, netherlines needing to be decorated, finished so that we all look better. As these all fall under the purview of infrastructure minister as per the charter. Another project would be getting people together to decorate the netherlines for the cobuilds, which needs to be done regardless of if my other ideas are implemented, as they have multiple people responsible for building them.

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