Sivian Vansen(Papa T) Seeks Advancement to Count

  • Prince

    I am looking for advancement to Count. You all generally know me and the progress I have made in Helios, and I will get to the meat and potatoes of Helios but I guess myself as a player is the first step. I have served as the Lore Minister for the last term and was reelected(Unopposed) for this current term. While my first term in office was somewhat lackluster due to a bevy of personal issues that pulled my motivation and attention away from the game. Despite this I did manage a singular realm wide lore post that had some traction and a couple of responses. I do play to try more of these in the future as well as being more involved in the position going forward. I tend to be around in discord with conversation starters and lore pokes here and there that have been fruitful for myself and others.

    With that out of the way we can dive into some of the specifics.

    Building counts w/ Count requirements in brackets
    Large Settlement: 52 (35)
    Settlements: 9 (3)
    Buildings: 133 (85)
    Total Count: 185 (120)

    Detailed Build Amounts per Settlement & Etc.
    Large Settlement: Hyperion (52)

    • Novia (41)
    • Aruna (7)
    • Savina (13)
    • Agni Goldmine (7)
    • Arctos (21)
    • Yarisum (10)
    • Lokun (8)
    • Trait Shipyard (9)
    • Isara (15)
    • Non Settlement Builds (2)

    Helios lore is extensive both on the forums and wiki. I have been frequently updating the lore on the wiki as well as refining the formatting and cross linking. On the Forum I have posted 37 pieces of lore and stories since the viscount ascension thread (I don't really wanna link them all but if someone really wants that I can)


  • Baron

    After numerous visits to Helios, perusals of the wiki, and general interactions with Papa T, I can definitely say that he is deserving of the title Count and fully support his promotion.

  • Count

    It doesn't really affect your numbers, but I should note, we still have not amended the charter and cobuild buildings currently do not count towards rank advancement (section 9h)

    We've had a discussion up on it since July though, so we can vote on it next week and have it passed before we vote on this. Again, doesn't matter here, but it's my job to be anal about rules.

    Also, you should include the ships you've built (if you're not already), since those are commonly viewed as counting as builds.

    Either way, I support this, and i'm glad to see you're finally getting around to requesting the advancement.
    I've explored helios on my own, but I'd love to take a tour with you in voice, and hear descriptions about each place.

    Also, do you happen to know what hyperion's build count is including vassal builds? It's pretty massive at this point

  • Prince


    Yeah I dont think it impacts my numbers but yeah I guess we should do that. I didn't even realize that was a topic that we didn't resolve.

    I have not included the ships, but I guess I will going forward.

    I am open for tours although it may not be able to happen until later in the week.

    Hyperion is 107 (110 with boats) although roughly 40 of those builds need to be furnished.

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