Lian School of Thought

  • Baron

    An Objective Recount Of Life: Defining Worth.

    The following is an excerpt acquired from a traditional book of thought popular within the greater cultivation community. Specifically, this passage comes from a section of the book specifying a list of principles found adamantly necessary for members of the clan to lead fulfilling lives.

    “The life of a cultivator is daunting, for each encounter with the ever-encroaching demons signifies chances. The chance you may not encounter another such situation again, or perhaps even more frightening, the chance it’ll repeat itself eternally. While each clan and each individual warrior has different motivations contributing to their persistent resilience, there stands a common bond that guides us all: the desire to attain a life worth living.

    You are not the first warrior to find yourself bloodied and disheveled after yet another battle, left wondering the purpose of each encounter. Rather, any warrior not found in such a situation had likely not survived their first such instance. I have spent my life embedded within the fabric of countless cultivation clans, seeking to understand and perhaps support them through those challenging times. Now as I stare out at my life and those who I’ve managed to encounter through it, I find myself in such a scenario that I have the answers to questions that first sparked my journey. I’ve found through rigorous research and life experiences that the following listed elements are absolutely necessary for any warrior to lead a life worth living.”

    • Knowledge - For without knowledge, a warrior is doomed to endlessly repeat their mistakes and prohibit them from ever attaining a worthy life.

    • Achievement - The building blocks for which to gauge the direction of life, achievements give warriors context to their placement within the greater timeline of life.

    • Sacrifice - Perhaps the greatest element for which a warrior should seek, sacrifice gives purpose to every lethal situation we find ourselves placed into. Without sacrifice, life is simply a shallow collection of events gathered for the victors to gawk over.

    • Morality - Our lives are inherently restricted from attaining all that life has to offer to us, yet another cruel joke placed upon us. Through morality we are granted the ability to connect with our fellow cultivator’s in such ways that lift us from the restriction of one singular life cycle. For a moral warrior is a warrior whose life is worth carrying forward through generations.

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