The Kohese Shipyards

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    The Kohese Shipyards

    In the mind of the intrepid traveler, "Koh" is synonymous with their merchant fleet. The teal and white bannered vessels offload cargo in harbours from the court of the Kysar to Hyperion, carrying curiosities and news from across the waters. Tall robed merchants hock their baubles, enticing passers by young and old to spend a few coins.

    While the ships of the Koh carry goods and people of every size and colour, all were built at the shipyards of Bar Hamiri. The shipyards are the driving engine behind the Kohese trade networks; the heart of the increasingly lucrative shipping lanes that cross the known seas.
    Situated on the west side of the Bar, the shipyards are comprised of 2 great drydocks, flanked on either side by warehouses. The most striking feature of the yards are the heavy lifting cranes, wonders of Kohese engineering that, used in tandem with the support structures of the dock, fabricate the finest hulls in the east. These heavy lifting cranes not only move materials like logs all around the structure, they can even be moved themselves, as they are built atop sleds on tracks running the length of the shipyard warehouses.

    The lighthouse of Bar Hamiri beckons the lost home, a great tower visible across the Candarionese Sea as far as the coasts of Sucia. The lantern mounted at its pinnacle is fired by a single oil lamp and amplified by a glass matrix of prismarine mirrors. The lighthouse was constructed using the granite from the mountains of Nengeset and ancient hardwood from Wessawen, a structure to withstand the tides for generations. Its shining mirrors have made the lighthouse an iconic landmark of Koh over the years, ushering in a bright future.