The Story of Creation (Kakaisdan) Part 2

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    The Origin of the Moon

    (A bit of retcon/world development: the Earth was dry and hot and was full of a bunch of valleys. The valleys had looooots of rock at the bottom of them. Too lazy to rewrite the lore post to add that in detail oOPS)
    Buwen, the younger brother, was not pleased with Arawa’s creation. He wanted to be as important to the humans as she was. One day, he attempted to take the sun from Arawa and hold it himself. A fight broke out between the two, in order to get the sun into their own hands. In the midst of their argument, the sun was dropped. As it fell, the Earth burst into flames. Forests burned, rock turned to magma, but the heat of the sun was nowhere near the heat of Arawa’s rage. In an instant, she banished Buwen from the celestial plane and into the mortal one.

    For one month, Buwen cried and cried, his celestial tears flooding the valleys of the world. His tears cooled the magma in the valleys, forming large chunks of rock. Seeing this, Buwen had a grand idea. He made a ball of his own, comprised of the glowing ocean rock his tears had formed. The creation emitted a softer, cooler glow than the Sun. The god knew that whatever he had created, it would certify him a place back into the celestial plane. The only problem now was getting Arawa’s attention while she was hard at work. Buwen noticed how the creation would attract the water to it, as if they were connected. In a sheer moment of brilliance, he threw the creation into the cosmos. The water shot into the air in pursuit, creating waves that touched the edges of the sky. Buwen swiftly climbed the water and leaped into the sky, rejoining his sister.

    The god had little time to celebrate his return when he saw the state Arawa was in. Kneeling on the floor, her hands reduced to blackened bone, she could hardly bear the weight of the sun any longer. But if her light was to disappear, the world would be plunged into eternal darkness once again. Buwen looked at the glowing orb he held, and the solution came to him. He moved Arawa aside, and held his creation aloft. For the first time, the sun disappeared into the horizon. But instead of total darkness, the world was bathed in a milky light. On this day, Arawa got to rest, and Buwen became the god of the moon.

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