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  • Baron

    There has been a lot of discussion in Discord about the calendar and I wanted to get it on here with all the info organized.

    Time frame:
    Two options have been discussed so far,

    • One real week per year (like on the previous calendar system)
    • Two real weeks per year


    It was suggested to not have winter split over two years and was also suggested to have the summer season over a real weekend so that people writing lore on the weekends would have "nice weather" if writing in real time. The suggested schedule would look something like this:

    • Monday - Start of new year, Fall
    • Tuesday - Winter
    • Wednesday - Winter
    • Thursday - Spring
    • Friday - Spring
    • Saturday - Summer
    • Sunday - Last day of year, Summer


    There would be seven months to each year, each corresponding with a real day of the week, starting on Monday. Names for these have yet to really be suggested, aside from some silly ones.


    Calendar units:
    The current discussion broke the calendar into two separate eras. The first era would go up to 1000 FC (first) and the second would start at 1 SC (second), the real date they meet at will be December 30/31, 2018. Dates in the FC era would count backwards from the meeting date while dates in the SC era would count upwards from the meeting date, an interactive calendar will be made available to make finding dates at any point easy to do.


    If you have any input on any of the above subjects (or something related to the calendar that I forgot), put your thoughts below. The above parameters are based on what has been discussed so far and are no way set in stone, so suggest away!

    Resolved: -Alric

  • Baron

    My suggested calender is this:

    2 weeks to a year, 14 months, 30 days a month for 420 days in a year.

    1st monday - New Life - start of spring, start of new year

    1st tue - Sown Seed - spring

    1st wed - Rain's Time - end of spring

    1st thur - Heat's Rise - summer

    1st fri - Sun's Height - have some summer

    1st sat - Warmth's Reign- still summer

    1st sun - Last Fire - end of summer

    2nd mon - Leaf's Change- beginning of fall

    2nd tue - Harvest's Moot - fall

    2nd wed - Cold's Edge - end of fall

    2nd thur - Snow's Birth - beginning of winter

    2nd fri - Ice's Reign - more winter

    2nd sat - Night's Rise - still winter

    2nd sun - Last Frost - end of winter

    Prior to dec 31st, years marked as F.C. ( first comet/first coming) startting jan 1st this year, years start over at1 S.C. (second comet/second coming)

  • Baron

    @Aevirath Ignis' calendar is what I had in mind, make lore easier to write.

  • Count

    I like the two week year, and with that in mind, I'm fine with aezyr's proposed calendar

  • Prince

    I think that 2 weeks to a year would slow down lore quite a bit. I think people need to keep in mind you can write backdated lore, it doesn't have to posted on the day to count. 1 week to a year gives us a little more than half a century to a real world year. It could really limit or slow down lore generation.

    the 1 week to a year, 7 months I think is enough.

  • Non-Participating Baron

    @ThunderPony I 100% agree, 2 weeks per year is too slow in my opinion. 7 months to a year I think is a good idea also.

  • Baron

    I like 1 week/year simply because it's familiar but I do like how much more detail the 2 week/year version provides. It would mean we move at a slower pace but I think that would result in more detailed, day-to-day lore that wasn't as present previously. So I'm in favor of the 2 week/year version.

  • Prince

    Day to day lore I think could quickly become stale, i think it's appeal currently is because it wasn't as present in the past but I don't think slowing down the macro time sale for us is the way.

    I see the slower time scale resulting in more slice of life pieces, which I think can lead to some interesting world building, which can still be posted with the faster time scale but a lot of macro lore would be painfully slow to post. And I think the majority of lore we see is far more on the macro.

  • Baron

    I support Ignis' calendar if we were to have two weeks to a year for our new calendar.

    I don't believe the slower time scale will affect writing macro-lore that drastically since the micro-lore will fill some of the times in its place. Even if you're not writing any micro-lore, the slower time allows you to write lore pieces at your own pace without relying on posting it as a backdated lore. It's just more fun writing in real time rather than about the past most of the time.

    Co-writing with other members may also benefit from the slower time, in my opinion. Especially during shared lore events or plot-arcs.

  • Baron

    i updated my post with suggested month names 😄

  • Minister Duke

    I think that two weeks for a year is good. I was almost always behind when I wanted to write lore so I like that I have more time this way. I would support Aezyr's calendar, but I think that Tywen has a real concern. I think we could allay this concern by having voted on timeskips. This would allow us to advance story arcs and jump to important pieces of time.

  • Baron

    I like the slower time scale basically for exactly what Flushed said re: co-writing.
    I get you can always backdate lore. However, it got very confusing during that last big event, especially when trying to respond to events in 'real time'.

    Additionally many realms are a lot closer now, so we don't need to account for months and months of travel in every direction lore-wise, so maybe that'll help.

  • Prince

    If there is an armed conflict or any major disaster in a realm, it would pretty much take a full calendar year IRL to MAYBE get back to the numbers you had before the conflict, let alone grow. Also at this scale it would be wildly rare for a character to die of old age. Even at ~25 years to RL year that isn't much time at all given the standard ages characters have faded in the past.

    I just see it as too artificially slow.

    I have pretty much said my piece on it, so when it comes to a vote there wont really be a guess where a I land on it.

  • Baron

    I'm still in the 1 week to a year camp myself.

  • Baron

    With tywens latest now I feel like even 1year to 1week is too slow.
    I have no idea how to make a timescale that let's you tell stories reasonably on both macro and micro scales.

  • Count

    Ideally we could go 1 week = 1 year, but invoke a bullet time for lore events, where time slows down considerably so we can all write and reply to each other in real time.

    But I doubt our calendar app could ever handle that kind of dynamic system.

    Overall I prefer 2 weeks, but will likely abstain any votes because i don't feel that strongly about it. I don't mind back logging personal lore, it's just the cooperative stuff im concerned about.

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