Comprehensive amendment: Player realms, player states, relinquishment and eviction

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    Restarting this post, because a few other things cropped up and I wanted a comprehensive amendment.
    This will be addressing the definitions of player and npc realms, as well as clarifying certain aspects such as how they are formed, how they are relinquished, how to kick somebody out of a realm, and what happens afterwards an eviction.
    It also defines realm leaders, vassals, and wandering nobles, and creates a term (lowborn) for non nobles.
    To do this ive created an entire new section of the charter, along with making other edits here and there. Ive tried to mark what's new, and what's been changed, but you might want to compare it to the relevant sections of the charter yourself.

    Here is the draft:

    1. Definitions:

    (New)Lowborn: Lowborn refers to any member who has not reached noble rank, i.e. Knight or lower.

    (New)Realm leader: a realm leader is the owner of a player realm. They have the final say on any builds or lore involving their realm. A player must be of a noble rank to become a realm leader.

    (New)Vassal: a vassal is any member permanently working within another players realm. This includes all lowborn ranks (commoner, esquire, knight) as well as players who have reached noble rank, but choose to continue to work under another player. All vassals report to the realm leader, but that leader may choose to place another vassal in a supervisory position.

    (New) Wandering Noble: a Wandering Noble is any player of noble rank, who is neither a vassal or realm leader. Wandering Nobles may still advance In rank through building and writing lore in player or npc realms, providing they have secured the permission of the realm's leader before starting any projects there.

    Remove "cannot be relinquished" from esquire. (Eviction now available at all levels)

    4.d.1 (adjust supermajority requirements to accommodate new section)
    1-11 becomes 1-12
    12 and 13 become 13 and 14

    (New section)9. Realms

    9.a (New)Player realm:
    A player realm is a legally protected area of land owned by a single player of noble rank, known as the realm leader. The realm leader has the final say on all activity within the realm, as well as all lore written about the realm. A realm leader may only own one player realm at a time.

    9.b (Moved from land claims, reworked)Npc Realm:
    An NPC Realm is a legally protected areas of land similar to a Player realm. NPC realms may be founded by Nobles who have the necessary rank to do so. These minor realms may be created as either a co-build NPC realm established by two or more Viscounts or higher, or as a private NPC Realm controlled by a Noble of Count status or higher. NPC realms may not be annexed or added to existing realms. If you wish to annex a realm at some point in the future, make a normal land claim instead, and differentiate the area through lore.

    • A co-build realm may be established by any two or more Nobles of the rank of Viscount or higher. These realms are under the direct control of the Nobles who founded the realm.
    • An Private NPC realm may be established by any Noble of the rank of Count or higher. This realm is solely under the control of the Noble who founded it.

    9.c Formation
    To form a player or npc realm, a land claim must be made, which shall include a declaration to found a new realm. The realm will officially be created once the land claim has passed. At this point, a discord tag and realm forum may be created, the territory added to the official candarion map, and the player officially considered a Realm Leader capable of offering vassalage.

    9.d Participation
    Players who are vassals in a player realm are expected to consistently build and write lore in the realm. Players may also build in another's player or npc realm if they desire to, providing they obtain permission from realm leader beforehand. These builds shall count towards rank advancement as normal.

    9.e Relinquishment
    A realm may be relinquished by its realm leader through three methods:

    • If the realm leader becomes withdrawn (section 12. Inactivity), they automatically relinquish control of their realm.
    • If the realm leader wishes to transfer ownership to another player, they may do so through a public declaration, providing the transferee meets the requirements for realm ownership.
    • For any other reason, the realm owner may petition the legislature, and relinquish their realm with a successful motion.
      9.f Vassal Eviction
      A realm leader may, at any time, evict a vassal player from their realm.
    • If the evicted player has reached Baron rank or higher, they simply become a Wandering Noble.
    • If the evicted player is still lowborn, they have 30 days to find a new realm. During this period, the Applications Ministry will serve as a temporary liege where applicable. If the player does not join a new realm after 30 days, they will be removed from the whitelist and considered Withdrawn.

    9->10. Land Claims

    a. Only territory that is legally recognized by the Realms of Candarion can benefit from any legal standing, including use in promotion requests, protection from griefing, or any other legal standing.

    b. To be considered a valid land claim and in order to achieve formal recognition as a territory under the control of a realm, the claim must be posted in the Land Claims subforum by a Noble of the claiming realm. For expansion claims, The land claim must either share a border on land, or be located on a body of water that the previous borders have a presence on, within reasonable distance.

    • If the claimant is not the leader of that realm, then the leader of the realm must vote in the affirmative during the voting period for the claim to pass.

    Each claim must include the following:

    • Maps showing the previous extent of the realms land (if applicable), and the borders of the new claim.
    • Justification for the land claim, i.e. new realm, current lands have been developed satisfactorily, vassals who need space to work, etc.
    • Proposal of intended uses for future development within the claimed territory
      Following the posting of the claim, a two week period will commence during which time any Noble can call for a vote against the land claim. If this vote reaches majority of votes, the land claim will be considered invalid and the land will remain unclaimed. If no Nobles propose a vote against the proposed claim, the request for the recognition of the land claim shall stand.

    c. The Nether and the End shall be considered public areas, no realm can claim them for personal land. Realm specific nether lines however, are considered the property of their Realm.

    d. The capabilities of the Noble making the land claim, as well as the details of their intentions of their request for Recognition of a Land Claim shall be considered when requests that deviate from the standard claims are made.

    e. A standard sized land claim will roughly be about the size of the Mushroom Island known as the Mushroom Gulag. Larger claims must come with sufficient justification for the size of the claim.
    F.- G. (Moved to realms)

    (The rest, redundant since player realms and npc realms are essentially the same, with different ownership requirements)

    h. NPC realms may be founded at any non-claimed location within the map borders, and are subject to any border conflict rules as normal.
    These realms must follow all other rules that regulate the claiming and expanding of land. NPC realms may show up on the official server maps.

    These realms must follow all other rules that regulate the claiming and expanding of land. NPC realms may show up on the official server maps.


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    If you read this post and think of anything, please comment. If you think everything looks good, please comment that as well. This is a comprehensive amendment, and I want to make sure it has gotten adequate attention before going to a vote

  • Baron

    I think it looks good! Glad to see I will have some legal recognition as a landless noble lol

  • Baron

    My only question is whether we want to extend the franchise of relinquishment to all lowborn members?

    If I recall correctly, one of the benefits of initially ranking up the player being secure in their holding. Is it right we take that away?

  • Baron

    I would like to see some protection for lowborns who have achieved the knight rank. I don't have a good suggestion, but maybe a longer period of time to find a new liege?

  • Count

    I figure the only time evictions will happen is inactive people (with the liege having to actively housekeep to remove them) or when there is an actual problem between a liege and vassal, like over lore or builds or something.

    In my mind, a realm leader should have complete say over their own realm, and be able to remove people if they aren't cooperating (i'm assuming the two parties would try to work it out first, and this would be a last step)

    The cannot be relinquished never made sense to me and I thought it was just terminology from the old server.

  • Minister Duke

    Unless there were to be something majorly scandalous, I don't think eviction would be the first step, and not having control over your realm is a big deal. I am not saying that if somewhere to disagree they should be kicked out of the realm, but it doesn't make sense to me that you can have a person in your realm that you would have no say in what they do because they are protected from consequences.

  • Minister Duke

    And, there isn't a shortage of realms that want new people, unless something bad really bad were to happen, I think a month of time is plenty to get in touch with the leader of any of the other realms to see if they would be willing to host them.

  • Baron

    @Alric I have always felt the same exact way.

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