The Koh Expedition

  • Baron

    The docks of Hyperion bustled with the activity of the early morning. Merchants haggled the price of exotic goods, fishermen rigged the sails of their boats, and officials shuffled papers in the customs house.

    Despite not being adorned in armor, the sight of Sir Gabriel accompanied by his squire Edric drew the attention of all on the docks. Even if for a brief momentary glance away from work, the workers made quick looks. Though he did not have the abnormal stature common to the Knights Valiant, the former Grandmaster imposed his presence on his surroundings. It was not an ordinary day when such a figure came by. Today would be no such ordinary day.

    The elder knight examined a large vessel - the expeditionary ship Zayl’s Key. Its bright blue and gold sails billowed in the wind. The ballista mounted on the bow glistened in the early morning sun. The warship had been personally commissioned by House Auratavia, and now sat in the harbor ready for its maiden voyage. Contained within the ship laid half a year’s rations, a library of empty books, an armory of weapons, and a mountain of Helian goods for barter.

    The sun continued rising, but the activity on the docks remained steady, with Zayl’s Key at the center. A priestess performed a blessing. Scribes carried documents onto the craft. A squad of soldiers secured the area. Soon a nobleman accompanied by guards came to give the ship another examination: Lord Naveri Auratavia, the primary funder and captain of Zayl’s Key. He admired the craft; a large portion of his personal wealth had been sunk into its creation. Upon his return, may The Six be willing, he would be one of the wealthiest men in Helios.

    The sun rose to almost directly overhead. The entirety of the expeditionary force had boarded the ship, and the harbor was quiet in anticipation. The sun rose to its apex. A loud horn blared out, and the ropes attaching the ship to the docks were let loose. The longest expedition in Helian history had begun. Though the news in Helios spoke of “The Koh Expedition”, Lord Naveri intended to see much more. Only Zayl knew the full extent of the wide world beyond Helios, but the curious nobleman would not have that remain true for long.