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    During my time on Candarion, I have been a very busy bee. Albeit working on my designs in creative, implementing said designs into survival, landscaping and gardening (my favorite thing to do), statue construction, considering lore, or visiting other realms, I have stayed busy. I stayed with Alric and worked tirelessly on perfecting my land to the best of my ability and watched as my work started out mediocre, but gradually improved into work that I am proud of today.

    I have been working on my newly founded realm for the past two weeks, with my land claim passing today. I have given extra attention to every minute detail and am working to produce something I am proud of with every block I place. I have been formulating a lot of lore and I am excited to finally be able to share it. I am excited for what is to come.

    I believe I am deserving of Viscount as I have put in all my time and dedication to this server and community. I have reached and well exceeded the requirements and that number continues to climb. I am working with Ioka, Tsal, Bryson and Alric to make Anemos, a canal co-build shortly south-west of my new realm, Ostaria. This is giving me ideas of founding my own cobuilds, as I believe there is a lot of potential with my realm's general lore, and I would love to collaborate. With Viscount, that will be possible with a partner.

    Large Settlement, River's End, Erybis, Ornthas: 60, plus market stalls, statues, and other uncounted builds.
    Hamlet, Elricstead, Erybis, Ornthas: 7 builds
    Timberock, Erybis, Ornthas: 6 builds + unfinished castle
    Dragon's Crown, Myralis, Empire of Ostaria: 5 builds (Future Capital exceeding size of River's End)

    Total Builds: 78 of 55

    I believe my lore to be sufficient and can be found on my profile or under the Ornthas category.

    Future plans include great lore expansion for my new realm, work on Anemos (cobuild), developing my new capital, and returning to Erybis, Ornthas to work on many projects.

    Please ping or DM me for tours, I will gladly tour anyone of Ostaria and especially my work in Erybis, Ornthas.

    A link to my Wiki page: https://candarion.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:realms:ostaria

  • Viscount

    A couple of albums for those who don't tour (I still recommend touring! Please schedule with me!)
    Dragon's Crown, Myralis, Ostaria: https://imgur.com/gallery/e49jjN2

    An outdated album of Erybis: https://imgur.com/gallery/2F3O6Wp (add about 30 builds and more landscaping to that and voila. You can tour for an updated look!)

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