The Sky Set Ablaze

  • Viscount

    The waves lightly touched the sand before they slowly digressed back into the sea from which they came. I sat on a bench beside the docks with a black pipe hanging from my mouth and my hat relaxing upon my lap. What a relaxing evening it was, as the sun casually descended below the horizon, casting orange and pink across the sky and engulfing the clouds in its fire.

    It was only moments before the sky really became ablaze. Suddenly, the sun had disappeared and in its absence came a pulsing beat, deafening and maddening. My lungs burned and were absent of breath, as I fell to a knee, my arms high and hands covering my ears to no prevail. The ground cracked and it appeared to turn to a muddy mush of goo, swirling in hypnotic circles that I could only interpret as hellish and terrifying. Suddenly, all became nothing, as the world around my body went black, devoid of light and presence. I could still feel the goo beneath me, and I could sense it advancing onto my body.

    To my absolute horror and shock, I felt someone, no, something horrendously cold grasp unto my ankle with a tight and unresisting grip. I began to sweat profusely, and my body felt fevered and flushed, my blood was boiling while solely my ankle began to freeze. The hand that clenched my ankle had torturous nails that dug into my flesh, tearing my skin and leaving dreadful wounds as deep as the bones. I screamed in agony, or did I? I couldn’t hear my own pain over the overbearing pulsing from the sky. A treacherous heartbeat? A devil beating the drums? Oh, I felt mad!

    Only but a moment later, there was nothing. A dramatic pause, I felt. The air felt stiff, I could hear the waves as they gently fell into the sea. I felt heated but no longer was my skin sizzling. I was looking upon the stone ground beneath myself, and felt a moment of peace. Everything was oddly tranquil, until I heard a vibrant sound, echoing like a twisted orchestra in an empty hall from above me in the sky.

    There he was, the eldritch horror of grand terror and madness. His eye pierced mine from the sky, he isolated me from my own mind as his stare pushed me down to the pits of hell. Tentacles of luminescent hellish energy fluctuated around his twitching, wide eye as the sky burned in flames. All that was once around me, was now gone. All I saw was a dreadful void of red and black, spiraling into madness. I howled out as blood leaked from my skin and rose above my body like reverse rain while I fell deeper, deeper, into this endless void. I was pushed down and down by the horror in the sky. His pupil dilated and the red of his iris darkened before it began to discharge thick blood that dripped down to the void. Narrowly dodging his droplets of blood, I twitched and spasmed, until his blood inevitably collided with my body, drenching me in a horrible coat of thick goo.

    I screamed and cried as my heart began to palpitate heavily, I could hear my pulse much like the pulse in the sky. I couldn’t distinguish between my own blood and his, I was filthy and revolting.

    Suddenly, I stopped falling, I was suspended in the air. He stared at me. He watched me closely, and spoke my name.

    I found myself in the market square, on my back, legs kicking and arms twitching. The consumers of the Myralian market were circled around me, whispering to each other. One stepped forward, and questioned if I was okay. I screamed, retrieved my danka from my pocket, and sliced his arm he had offered to me whilst using it to levy myself up.

    I ran. I hid. I know he is watching me. I know he is watching me. I… I know. I know he is watching me. He… He is… He is watching me....

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