A Very Brief Overview of Myralis, Empire of Ostaria

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    A militant force of terrible destruction, unified under the rule of the god king, Darius. Protected from siege on all fronts and supplied with a powerful military. Myralis is the military strong point of the Ostarian Empire

    Ultimately governed by the king, each Myralian city has an official who preaches the word of the king and upholds the law, as well as claims taxes. Under the official are the landowners, the wealthiest of the people who are often invited to join the city council.

    The Royal council is comprised of the King and all his City Lords. General meetings are held on the fifth of each month in the capital. During week long period of time, the City Lords have stewards whom stand in for their official. During the month of December, the council meets once more, arriving one day before the start of the new year. As the new year begins, the council remains in one room, the hall of the Dragon, closed off from the outside world for the entirety of the month. This time period is known as the Dragon’s Sleep.

    Dankasha is the primary religion of Myralis, and plays a strong role in politics as their king, Darius, is their god. Myralian people worship at mass in their local church every Monday and Wednesday evening. During the time of the Dragon’s Sleep, festivities are held known as the “Dragon’s Awakening”. This time is precious to the people, and most families travel onward to the Blood Dragon’s Cathedral in the Capital to worship their king. It is also during this month that the Elder Dragon, Myral, awakens and stands upon his altar. Sometimes he preaches, listens to the children, and other times is entirely silent. His presence is deemed as divine and worshipped as the father of their king ever since his first appearance in 600 FC. So long as he remains, people feel safe and joyous.

    The people worship nightly at high moon by using a tool known as the Danka. The danka is a spiritual blade that the Myralians use to connect with their king. They either put two half inch long slits into their palm or back of their hand. This worship is known as Hedam.

    The Myralians believe that through Dankasha worship and their suffering, they will please their king. They also believe that the more they suffer, the more they will know peace in the afterlife, whereas if they live a greedy and pleasureful life, they will suffer eternally in the afterlife.

    The Royal Council:
    Comprised of City Lords and the King, the council meets monthly to discuss food and material production, trade, potential threats, and any issues or prosperity among the nation. They also consider new laws and policies. The king serves as Council Leader, with the ability to veto any ideas. For a vote in council to pass, it must receive ⅔ votes from the council for the great majority, however the king may pass a vote that is of ½ in favor. A ⅔ vote may pass without approval of the king, however the king can express immense disapproval through a veto.

    The City Lord of the Capital serves as the second man to the king during the meeting. He acts as an advisor to the king, and may represent the king in his absence. The advisor also calls the meeting into session and end, and maintains the right to pause the session at any given moment unless given three or more objections form the council, wherein the king may second the notion to pause if necessary. The king may not notion for the pause or end of a meeting without the call of his advisor.

    Each City lord has voting power, and a right to discussion. Each represents their own village or city, and often provides cases through presentation in order to explain the current standing of their home.

    The City Council:
    The city council is comprised of the City lord and a select group of the wealthiest of the city. Meeting weekly, the council acts much like the royal council, where the City Lord acts as the king, but also as his own advisor. The wealthy merchants may discuss and have voting power.

    Dragon’s Awakening
    The Dragon’s Awakening is a sacred festival in which the Elder Dragon, Myral, arrives in the capital from an 11 month long slumber. He stays in for the king, who participates in his Dragon’s Sleep with the council. Myral watches over the people and keeps them united under their awe of his divinity.

    During the Awakening, festivals are held throughout the capital as the people make their way to the Cathedral of the Blood Dragon. During the first week, the military marches down the road, showing off their prowess and uniformity. During the second, the Parade of the Dragon occurs, where the people organize a creative festival in which many unique individuals exercise their talents on display in the streets.

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