A General Understanding of Magic in Ostaria

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    Magic System

    Divine: Birthed by the essence of the aether itself, divine magic can only be wielded by those with the energy of the aether etched into their souls. This power works on a scale, decreasing in power as the scale lowers. The top of the scale would be the Aether, the vast nothingness containing everything throughout all of time in the absence of time. The Aether is capable of Creation and Destruction of matter, time manipulation, omniscience and mind alteration to name a few. Those who stem from the Aether, such as the Society of Wisps, do not have such power. They have a semi-omniscient mind, as they do not know all at once, though they must observe to know but may see all. They may interact with matter through relocation and distribution. The lowest form of the Divine scale would stem from those whom have stemmed from the Aether. These divine take physical form when created as their divinity is too weak to uphold their souls, and they are cast to where their creator desires them. They often have increased physical and cognitive abilities and can predict occurrences in advance.

    Irregular: Irregulars are blessed with special traits from the divine. Perhaps for a reason such as prophecy, or simply for pleasure in a good show. The irregulars each hold a specific ability that can only be manifested through the consumption of the same essence from which they cast. Irregulars are skilled at manipulating their abilities for profit, however are at a weakness when their fuel is discovered.

    Common: Magical essence flows through the natural air as radiation from the aether. Weak in power, it can be harnessed by those rather skilled to heal minor wounds or generate magical luminescence. Common magic has no other practical uses that are manipulatable by the living. Common magic greatly damages the life force of the spellcaster when used, as they are attempting to harness divine energy with a mortal body.

    [Magic is a divine force of the Aether, as the Aether is magic and magic is the Aether. Even if for only a moment to light a room, harnessing the energy of the aether is to harness the power of God. God is everywhere, God is all. God is magic, magic is the Aether. The Aether is God]
    [All worlds in the multiverse abide by the same fundamental laws]

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