The Society of Wisps and the Birthing of Ostaria

  • Viscount

    The Society of Wisps
    As some might refer to them, puppet masters. The play writers of the real world; is the world even real? Descended of the Aether, the Wisps are celestial beings born from the outer fabric of the universe. The children of God, one might say. They observe the multiverse from their pocket dimension of Altyriux, making changes to reality where they see fit. The Wisps are the viewers and manipulators of the multiverse, semi-omniscient by nature. They appreciate a good story, and have collectively viewed several billions of years worth of progress in sentient beings throughout the entirety of the multiverse. They do not know all. However, are capable of viewing all and must learn by actively watching.

    Due to the stories and tales of the mortal world they had witnessed, they were rendered with little new entertainment. All seemed on repeat, simply with new players. The Society was no longer pleased by any occurrences happening in the entirety of the multiverse. It was at that moment when the Society of Wisps came to a sudden realization, and decided to use their divine abilities for something mischievous but grand.

    Six civilizations from across the multiverse, each very distinct and from unique locations were chosen by the Society. One civilization at a time, the Society manipulated space to transport their victims to the universe of Candarion. Starting with the Myralians and progressing from there, the Society of Wisps had ulterior motives of pitting these civilizations through much adversity for the sake of an interesting tale. As simply pawns of the Divine, the roots of the Ostarian Empire were planted and growing.

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