The Yellow Eyes Under the Desk

  • Viscount

    It was just past high moon when he spoke to me again.

    “Play with me.” His yellow eyes peered out from the darkness under the desk.

    “It is but a little late.” I advised, as I continued to ready my danka. He looked at me, curiously. His eyes dimmed as he backed further under the desk.

    “What are you doing?” He addressed my danka with a stare and twitching eye.

    “This is my danka. My blade of worship. I use it to give praise to my lord.” I sat at the foot of my bed as he watched. Slowly, I pressed the danka against my palm, clenching my eyes shut. “I must worship every night or my parents become angry.” I winced as the danka pierced my skin, as did yellow eyes when my blood oozed from my flesh, dark red and thick. My blood dripped, drop by drop, onto the wooden floor, sitting beside a pool of stains. The yellow eyed boy under my desk leaned closer, peering at my now dampened floor.

    “What… but what is that?” He pondered.

    “You ask a lot of questions.” I sighed and pressed the danka against my palm again, wincing as it tore my flesh.

    “Play with me.” He asserted once more. His eyes once again lit through the darkness. “Please play with me.” He complained and begged.

    “I have done worship and it is late. I now go to bed.” The light went out with a blow to the torch, and he sat in the darkness. Watching me with his yellow eyes as I went to bed.

    The following night, he came earlier. It was sunset, and I had just eaten dinner. I was grabbing my danka from my desk when he spooked me.
    “Do you want to play?” This time he asked, he was very excited. “I came early tonight, oh please play with me!” His eyes seemed a little orange tonight. They shined a little less, dimmed.

    “Have you fallen ill?” I asked the orange eyed boy under my desk. I was almost worried for him.

    “My mother has not fed me.” He claimed. “Does your mother feed you? He asked me.

    “Why yes, she does. She just fed me moments ago.” The air felt still and for a moment all was quiet, except for the gentle breeze outside.

    “Are you hungry…?” He offered another question. Rather uncomfortable he made me, I preferred if he would’ve left.

    “I am not.”

    “I am hungry.” He revealed. “I am hungry. Oh, so hungry. Please, play with me I am hungry.”

    “I need you to leave. I do not want to play with you tonight.” I cried. Within a moment, the glow of his eyes had disappeared. I completed worship and went to bed

    The next morning, I woke up to the sun gleaming through my window. At my window, I admired the blood red roses outside.

    “Good morning.” A familiar voice came from under my desk. I turned to look, and I found the child of yellow eyes. “Please play with me.”

    “Good morning… are you hungry?” I hesitantly asked the yellow eyed boy.

    “Has your mother fed you?” He asked.

    “I have just woken up.” I replied.

    “Your mother fed me, I am not hungry.” He declared. I felt stiff and unpleasant.

    “Do you not only remain under my desk?” I insisted to the yellow eyed boy.

    “Your mother has a desk too. She treated me during worship. Oh, what a marvelous woman.”

    I noticed my danka in front of the boy. “Could you push me my danka, please?” I urged.

    “Oh, my. I must worship too.” my danka was suddenly dragged into the darkness. The boy grunted as a dark shadow leaked from under my desk, flooding the floor of my room. I jumped onto my bed. His eyes were now orange. “I have worshipped, please play with me. I am hungry.”

    “Will you please give me my danka?”

    “Please play with me.” He seemed to demand.

    “I will play with you if you give me my danka.” I pleaded. “Please, it is sacred and must be used by my flesh and my flesh only.” His eyes nodded gently, and I slowly dropped one foot from my bed. Although a shadow, the darkness felt thick and oozy upon contact with my skin. My second foot dropped and I walked closer. As I encountered the foot of my desk, I leaned down and gazed into his blood red eyes, then the room went dark.

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