A Guide to Dankasha, Part 1: What is the Danka?

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    What is the Danka?
    In Dankasha, the Danka is a sacred item for worship. It is a small blade with a detailed handle, engraved with Myralitae religious text and socketed with a ruby. The blade is jagged, reaching two inches in length and half an inch in height. It is often sheathed, carried and showcased to the side of a belt buckle.

    The Danka is used during worship to inflict pain through cutting skin, commonly on the back of the hand. It is used during mass on Monday and Wednesday evenings, during ceremonial events during the Dragon's Awakening, and used for personal worship before bed every night.

    The Danka is the most respected personal belonging in all of Myralis. As a crucial component of Dankasha, it is absolutely necessary for worship. It is seen as the crucial item to connect an individual to Darius. Myralians often name their Danka, as they feel close and personal with it. It feels as part of an individual's own soul often, and they believe it will follow them to the afterlife. They are usually named after historically important church elders, or perhaps the individual's own church elder. Those who do not name their danka often believe that it is disrespectful to name it, almost as it is disrespectful and unheard of for a child to name their parent.

    Due to their importance and pricey materials required for production, Danka's are often expensive items. Families will work tirelessly and save large quantities of money for a Danka when they learn they are having a child. Due to this, the theft of Dankas is very common, but highly illegal. It is considered a high felony to steal a Danka, and those caught will face the City Council in court, and surely found guilty. When found guilty, they are executed without mercy. Some, however, have learned the art of theft and steal many Danka, creating an underground Danka market. One will find many talented thieves in Myralis.

    The Danka is used for worship, but also creates a sense of unity and friendship for the owning individual. As is why the Danka is the foremost important religious item in Dankasha.

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