Myral, the Elder Dragon

  • Viscount

    Physical and Cognitive Ability
    Myral is one of the Elder Beasts that were placed on Candarion moments before the arrival of the Myralians. Potentially one of the most powerful of the Elder Beasts, it is believed by the people of Myralis that Myral is capable of breathing fire hotter than the surface of the sun. Myral is able to fly with his mighty wings, and is the size of a five story building. With scales as mighty as titanium, his skin is believed to be incapable of being pierced. Myral is immensely intelligent and a strategic war coordinator. He is capable of projecting his voice into the minds of others, as well as perceiving their thoughts. He catches glimpses of potential futures, and can occasionally peak into other universes of the multiverse. Myral's roar can crumble even the sturdiest of buildings.

    Physical Description
    Larger than any other known beast, Myral stands higher than most buildings in Ostaria. He is sturdy in posture, with a smooth curvature to his spine. Muscular and wide, Myral is immensely strong. His eyes are yellow, but occasionally turn green such as when he is speaking with the power of his mind. He has blood red scales that darken as the month he is present goes by. With razor sharp teeth, Myral is terrifying in appearance, not to mention his long, sharp claws. Somewhat evil by appearance, Myral is a very gentle being.

    Myral was originally created by the Wisps, sharing a fraction of their divine power. However, his divinity is of third generation and his soul is not powerful enough to exist with such power without a body. He was cast to Candarion in 0 FC. With such immense power formulating within a newly created body, Myral slumbered for 500 years prior to his awakening. Once awoken, he was curious to the civilization forming nearby. From a distance, he learned from and examined the society for the next hundred years. He learned of Darius, the king and idealized God. Myral was genuinely unsure of how to feel about Darius, until he had a premonition in which Darius slayed him without obtaining a single scratch, as is the power of the king. Fearful, but still curious, Myral arrived on the new year to the capital city. He preached the word of Darius, as well as other wisdom. Whilst speaking directly to the public, he psychically connected with Darius, forming an alliance and trust.

    Political Significance
    When Myral arrives at the new year, every year, Darius and his council fall into Dragon's Sleep. During Dragon's Sleep, Myral connects with the council to share premonitions of the future, including potential threats, civil movements, and economic prosperity and downfall. He explains his ideas for national improvement and security, as well as solutions to the potential threats. Myral is the chief military coordinator without the people having knowledge of the fact, as he has incredible military expertise. Dragon's Sleep is a period in which the Royal Council prepares for the upcoming year with the help of Myral, before he returns to hibernation.

    Religious Significance
    Myral is an image of divinity, wisdom, and power to the people of Myralis. Myral, meaning divine in Myralitae, was dubbed his name by the people. When he arrives for the new year, the people worship him as a god, much like their king. He enforces the word of the king, further solidifying the practice of Dankasha. He discusses with each and every willing civilian, helping them with their religious and personal issues. The Cathedral of Myral was founded after the arrival of Myral, and the people travel there every January to worship him and the king. Myral is what brought forth the entire tradition of Dragon's Awakening.

    Cultural Significance
    As the father of the Dragon's Awakening traditions, Myral is a major influence on Myralian culture. He brought forth the travel of thousands of families across the nation for the festivities every year. There are military marches and creative parades of song and dance dedicated to his name. Children are often read tales of legend featuring Myral, and they learn their morals from stories of his wisdom and kindness. He is a symbol of respect and devotion, and drives civilians to be their best selves. One may often find paintings and banners of Myral in the common household.

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