Settlement: Dragon's Crown, Myralis, Ostaria.

  • Viscount

    Located at the far north of Myralis, Dragon's Crown is a hilly plains surrounded by the ocean by East, West and North.

    Political Significance
    As the capital of Myralis, Dragon's Crown is home to the king. The Royal Council meets in Dragon's Crown for monthly congregation and for Dragon's Sleep in January. All political affairs are handled in the Capital. Darius rules as head of the Royal Council. Aside from the Council, Darius enforces his law and intervenes with civilian affairs when necessary. However, he tends to remain back and allow those below him to handle most concerns so long as the people are calm and his taxes are received. Dragon's Crown is also home to the most powerful City Lord, whom also serves as steward to the Darius. The City Lord of Dragon's Crown exerts mighty power almost akin to that of the king, serving as his second in the Royal Council. The City Lord has ultimate power over the territory of Dragon's Crown, although power is distributed among the wealthy merchants of the rural countryside who control the food supply and manipulate the locals into indentured servitude. The merchants act as the lowest form of government.

    Religious Significance
    As the home of the Dragon's Awakening festivities and worship, the vast public of Myralis travel to Dragon's Crown every January. With the arrival of Myral to the city, the people worship their Elder Dragon as well as the king by participating in mass worship at the Cathedral of Myral. Its is believed that Dragon's Crown is sacred land, simply by the matter of it being the center of power in Myralis, as well as home to the king and the arrival point of Myral.

    Cultural Significance
    Dragon's Crown is often portrayed in legends as a holy land. Many stories are told of the land and of Myral to young children and in the church. This creates a stigma of respect and devotion to the capital. It is deemed unlawful to so much as leave personal property or trash in Dragon's Crown out of one's possession, and is severely punished as an act of disregard and disrespect toward the king. Many citizens of Dragon's Crown are especially religious, and are heavy practitioners of Dankasha. Charles Hedamism is also heavily popular in the capital, while practitioners of Augustus Hedamism are despised, as they do not attend Dankashan mass. This creates conflict between the vast quantity of supporters of Augustus Hedamism and the capital, resulting in many to not participate in the Dragon's Awakening festivities.

    Trade Significance
    Trade is abundant in Dragon's Crown, as it is the trade hub of the nation. With large docks for international trade, Dragon's Crown obtains large amounts of wealth from its neighboring nations. Dragon's Crown exports many dyes, as well as berries and alcoholic beverages. Dragon's Crown also exports gemstones such as ruby and topaz.

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