Magic/religion/succession concept for my realm

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    With the presence of a previous empire and a higher degree of magic in this server, I can adapt a lot of lore from my d&d campaign setting. I have a lot of new ideas for my coming realm, but some may still push the limits of what is allowed, so I want to bring it up for discussion before I get too invested.

    In my part of Candarion, the cataclysm and fall of the previous empire will be blamed on the god war, a war between the mortal Arcane magic users of the empire, and a pantheon of divine beings. Or started with mortals capturing gods and taking their powers for themselves, and by turning the gods powers against them, the mortals won, reducing the previous divine beings to something near death.

    But this war destroyed the empire (in my area at least) and even changed the land, putting mountains where seas once sat, turning jungles to desert, etc.etc.

    During that time, 7 wizards captured a god of death and took his power for their own, using it to make their souls immortal. They became known as the Nemertingi.
    But power over the soul does not mean power over the flesh, and nobody wants to be an undead litch.

    So when the time comes, a ritual is performed by their priests, and their essence, the soul and consciousness of the Nemertingi, leaves the current body, and transfers into the body of a biological decedent.
    If the host dies with the essence still inside, it passes to the nearest kin in a more violent fashion, but with the same result.

    The bodies are still mortal, although this essence inside them does strengthen them in certain ways.

    • They can recover from any wound save a death blow, if given enough time, although they become ravenously hungry while they recover (MC mechanic, eating restores health)

    • They can impart their essence into certain materials, which can then be made into arms and armor to strengthen them or any they deem worthy (MC mechanic, enchanting)

    • And they have the knowledge and ability to travel the planes, although their mortal bodies are still at risk in these places (MC mechanic, the nether and end)

    When they transfer to a new host (when the sons/decendents body is around 20 years old) the ritual eases the transition and the old host is left to retire and enjoy their remaining years in luxury.

    Over the next few weeks, the consciousness of the Nemertingi may change in personality as they adapt to the personality of the new host. Most of the time the hosts are so similar that little change occurs, but if a host were to die without an heir, the essence would go to the closest available host. This could be a minor noble, a decendent living as a trader, or bastard street urchin. Without the ritual to aid in the transfer and with the difference in upbringing the unexpected host experienced, the
    Nemertingi would likely experience a large shift in personality.

    Concept discussion:

    With this system, character changes can be pretty automatic with the new character keeping its [Nemertingi] name, and the same personality.
    But if a player WANTS to change things up, something like an unexpected death can allow them to completely reinvent the character. These regenerations could be as simple as a copy paste, or as different as a whole different person, at the players discretion.

    Ideally myself and any vassal I have would be one of the Nemertingi.
    In dealing with other realms, they will have their own lore for where the enchanted armor comes from, and why they heal after eating steak, and these factors will make us different, but equal.
    The Nemertingi could only be considered better when compared to the npc peasants of my realm, the npc villagers. But they are not truly immortal, omnipotent, or omnipresent.

    They will be able to access all the memories from past lives though, similar to how the doctor from doctor who remembers all 900 years of his life (or whatever age he's at now).

    So, what does the community think about this concept? Do I need to change anything, or is anything overly unbalanced?

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    Also I should note, there was a transition period from when they first took the powers of the death god, to when they settled in to body-hopping.

    If you ask any Nemertingi about the cataclysm, or the time before, they may claim to know something, or they will more likely admit that their first few centuries are super hazy and they remember nothing of the war or what existed before it. A side effect of wielding so much power.

    (The past should stay vague so nobody steps on another's lore)

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    Hmm, most of this in general i dont have any real problem with, but i think i would prefer somethign along the lines of, after so much time/passings their old memories become more and more hazy, so they can only clearly remember a few centuries back at any given time, and older stuff gets gradually hazier or forgotten

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    @Aevirath fading memories makes sense so I'm fine with it. The oldest memories would just be extremes of emotion, a serious trauma or a great love, but the details still fade with time, only leaving their mark on the Nemertingi's ever developing personality.

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    Very cool idea. I worry slightly about the plane travel as we haven’t talked yet about how to lorify the nether and the end. I know we’ve mentioned in the past the possibility of making international nether lines non-canon. Basically, I would just want whatever you have regarding inter dimensional travel to fit whatever we end up deciding about the nether and end.

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    @beijimon that is based on the concept from the last server, where each realm lorified it in their own way. If we come up with server wide lore im fine falling in.

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