Lore Prompt 3: Dance & Music

  • Duke

    Dance and Music

    What is common music like in your realm?
    What is a famous song in your realm?
    How do common people dance?
    How do upper class people dance?

  • Baron

    The Common music of Añora consist of flutes and lutes, and are usually played in market squares.

    One famous song that's most often played in the countryside is a song called, "La Catedral."
    Here's the PDF to the sheet music of the original song: http://bnpm.ch/abs/502.pdf
    Though the song would be transcribed and played on a lute.

    Another famous song would be a song called, "El Matador." It is often played during jousting tournaments and fast paced dances.

    The common people do not really have a certain dance, you might see some towns perform Sardanas in a Summer festival, maybe even people decorated in dresses and suits dancing a Fandango, or a Jota.

    The Upper people practice in lots of dances, usually to the tunes of Organs or harpsichords. Highly practiced dances in the higher class includes: Boleros, Paso Dobles, or Flamencos.

  • Baron

    Anaetyne music is all produced by voice, almost all Anaetyne sing regularly. Songs are sung in most group activities, from battle to religious ceremonies, even walking around the city during the day you'd be hard pressed to avoid the sound of someone singing somewhere. Instrumental noises are also produced by voice in Anaetyne music, and most of the high elves have a wide vocal range to produce such noises.

    The most famous song is "Cydar Tol Aev" or "Call of the Sun". It is a rousing battle song that dates back over a thousand years, and tells the story of how the Anaetyne people banded together to weather the catastrophe that befell them, and invokes the strength and grace of the Sun to guide them.

    Dancing is not particularly common in any social level, though at some ceremonies there are specific religious dances performed by trained priests.

  • Duke

    Helian music is full of drums and string instruments. Helian music tends to be slower and deeper resulting in songs that sound more like ballads, even popular and uplifting music can sound somber to outsiders. One thing to note is few Helian songs have words sung, and those that do are often directly tied to the faith.

    Music and Dance is mostly influenced by the common people and find their way upwards into noble and wealthy circles.

    There are two distinct styles of dance within Helios (With several variants within each) The Omarian style, which has partners dancing with outstretched arms and slow purposeful turns, this style lends itself to groups of 3 to 4. Omarian dancing is more popular with the older generation although is a fairly new style. Lornan Style is characterized with dancing very close together and features grinding and undulations that are far more intimate even if that is not the intent behind the dancing. Lornan style is also characterized by dancing alone but still maintaining the sensual and serpentine motions. Lornan style dancing is quite old but only recently has it seen a resurgence in popularity.

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