Modification to Trident Drop Rates

  • Baron

    According to the Minecraft Wiki, drowned have a "(3.7% chance each, 4% chance with Looting I, 4.3% chance with Looting II and 4.7% chance with Looting III)" to drop a trident. In the Java edition, tridents drop from drowned holding a trident (15% of drowned) only 8.5% (11.5% with Looting III) of the time. This leads to only a 1.725% trident drop rate per drowned.

    As I and many others can attest, a player can go several hours killing drowned without a trident drop. While tridents are a neat addition to the game, they hardly deserve to be rarer than wither skulls.

    I am proposing that we change trident drop rates to match the values of Bedrock Edition of the game as shown above.

  • Baron

    Yet another blunder by our favorite small indie dev, I see no reason for the drops to be different in between versions.

  • Count

    I thought the rates are the same, just that drowned converted from zombies can only drop them in the bedrock version. I support making the rates match the wiki if they don't already, and making converted drowned able to drop them at the same rate.

  • Baron

    This motion has passed

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