Noachis Aqui

  • Baron

    Enclosed: Report from Second Cavalier Georgis Sasamata
    Regarding: Sinking it CCV Noachis
    Recipient(s): Cavalier Premiere; Executive Council.

    At approximately four hours before sunrise this morning, the Coghanese Civilian Vessel Noachis was returning to port with her haul of large Daghamin whales, and some fourteen souls aboard. The scouting party arranged by myself, the Second Cavalier, bore witness as the ship was waylaid by an unlit and unseen vessel. The Noachis was making way to dock and unload its cargo for immediate shipment to butchers and markets this same morning. As per regulation, the Noachis had its lanterns lit for identification and silhouetting purposes, as it was inside the Coghanese Harbor zone. The Noachis never docked. It was sunk only a mile out of harbor.
    The Second Cavalier Scouting Regiment bore witness to the event. No sound was able to reach them, but they were able to see the vessel catch fire and sink in the darkness. The Scouting Regiment was garrisoned in the area per my orders: they were to station themselves there in anticipation of the return of the Third Scouting Regiment, who should be returning any day. From there, the Second Scouts would acquire details from the Third Scouts, and update an informed scouting path. They’d have relayed once with me, and were to be sent this very afternoon on their expedition.
    The Noachis spared no survivors. Even assisted by the tide, warmly-dressed or nude, the souls aboard would have died from hypothermia within minutes. Investigations headed by the three vessels under my command (CMVs Arsia, Pavonis, and Ascraeus) were sent to investigate. No dives were permitted. Six souls were recovered and are awaiting identification. The five whales were unaccounted for: either their opened corpses were dragged under the waves or taken. Regular patrols will be undertaken to scour the wreckage and shores for corpses, whether they be Coghanese or whale.
    Only under the midday sun was any wreckage available for sight at the bottom of the bay. What was apparent was char, equally reflected in the debris that had washed ashore.
    I needn’t remind that the Noachis, as the former flagship for the Coghanese civilian whaling fleet, represents a critical loss for Coghan–be it financially, publically, or morale-based.
    It is my professional opinion that the investigation continue under my leadership until such time as myself or the Cavalier Premiere call off the search for any wreckage or souls, until dives are permitted, or until the wreckage becomes salvageable.
    Finally, I should not have to draw your attention to the string of missing or lost vessels that has plagued Coghan for almost a decade now. Our trade with foreign states has plummeted since the safety of our harbors has been deemed insufficient, though this is not my jurisdiction. My jurisdiction does, however, compel me to advise immediate action against the Redjacks that plague the Sybjyri Straight, whether it be militarized or diplomatic. I would be more than happy to assist in any way I can.
    You know very well my opinions on the matter.

    Georgis Sasamata, Second Cavalier