reintroduce /weather commands

  • Count

    On the last server, we had weather commands, which was occasionally handy. We Initially did not reintroduce it because of the new channeling and riptide enchantment for tridents might have been op.

    But storms, for me at least are super rare. I've just seen my second storm since the server started. I think the constant sleeping tends to make them even less common than they are supposed to be.

    So, What do you guys think about reintroducing the weather commands? Since we have a pretty efficient creeper farm, the ability to toggle weather and use riptide over fireworks in the overworld doesn't seem as broken anymore.

    resolved here

  • Baron

    As a realm that is built in a snowy biome, Coghan is objectively more stylistically dependent on the storms and the product they bring (snow). Being able to control when a storm occurs to allow snowfall where it is needed would be much appreciated, and I would wholeheartedly recommend a weather control feature thusly. Furthermore, a lot of realms look really neato in the rain!

  • Baron

    I support it. Rain is extremely rare on the server, and aesthetically it serves a purpose. A lot of architecture looks more realistic/interesting when taken from the perspective of the viewer in a storm.. if that makes sense.

  • Minister Duke

    I seem to be hogging all of the rain, but I think being able to turn it off and on would be a benefit, especially for Ielis and anyone else that is in a snow area.

  • Baron

    I find that it often rains when I join the server and am the only one on. I immediately try to use my channeling trident and the storm ends within two minutes of hunting. It's beyond frustrating, though that has been alleviated with some recent successes with charged creepers. When I move into a snow biome, I'll have to deal with the snow eventually anyway, so having the server constantly raining would be fine by me. I think it would also add an interesting aspect to bounty hunting, as either the hunted or hunter could turn it off-on to their convenience. I don't know how much other people on the server would feel about constant fluctuations in weather, however. In sum, I'm cool with it and see some interesting possibilities.

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