World Event: Black Sailed Pirates

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    Black Sailed Pirates

    From Sucia to Isara, the seat has been plagued by pirates. Their ships are foreign in make, tying them to no known realm in the region. Low set in the water with powerful triangular sails. They are fast, able to overtake many ships with ease and outrun pursuers with just as much speed.

    Ships in the region have been plagued by the attacks, often 3 or more of these ships appear with an unnatural fog and attack, sometimes successful other times not. Goods and people have been snatched never to be seen again. The ships leave and the fog leaves with them. The boarding parties and quick and silent, composed of a mix of races, but mostly human.

    The pirates are known as the Black Fog in Isara.

    How will the realms of Candarion deal with this new threat? Will they come together? or will each nation take their own steps to defend their cargo. Until this is solved, trade in the region will continue to suffer.

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