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    The trade ship Sweet Sword and the warship Executioners Hood slipped through the waters just outside of Isara, they always welcomed the warm wind and warm waters off the desert realms coast and spirits were high on both vessels. This tour was often seen as a vacation even among the soldiers of the warship, few were brave enough to attack a Helian vessel, at least brave enough to do it more than once.

    Aboard the Executioners Hood though, not all were full of relaxation.
    "Sir, a fog is rolling in from the north. It's coming against the wind." The First mate informed the captain of the vessel, both men gave a brief moment of silence as they thought of what to do with the information.

    "Keep course, send a scroll to the Sweet Sword, tell them not to drift too far. Last thing we need is a trade ship lost on our watch."

    The First mate nodded and headed up to the deck. A pathfinder was told to shoot an arrow with instructions over to the sweet sword, which he did with speed and accuracy, embedding the arrow in the center mast. The Helmsmen was told to keep the heading even if the fog enveloped them.

    It took about four hours but eventually the fog had swallowed them up. The only thing they could see through it was the lantern lights of the Sweet Sword, the ship had been maneuvered close enough but not enough to send over a line. The captain had come above deck and his arrival killed any sense of joy.

    "Sir! the Sweet Sword!" one of the deck hands yelled out.

    The lantern lights were turning out one by one and then the yells carried over the silent water. "ATTACK!"

    The ships were too far for the Hood to do anything, but they had their own problem as quickly as the Sword. A man yelled and the whole deck turned to face him and saw a human man with his blade through the chest of one of the far deck hands. More were with him, they had gotten to the ship with almost no sound.

    "Sharp Blades, Strong Shields HELIOS!" The Captain yelled, pulling his sword from his hip. The ship erupted with a roar of confirmation that seemed almost jovial.

    The battle was at best, lop sided. The pirates were unarmored and lightly armed, and attacking a ship full of warriors whose whole purpose was killing. The pirates retreated with some haste when they saw the tide turn so quickly, they had been silent before but that was broken as they yelled for retreat. At least they spoke trade common.

    A ship was pulled up right next to them and was pulling away even before all of their people had gotten back aboard, leaving many to try and jump, but ultimately miss and end up in the draft between the two ships.

    Victory, and a cry to Alkourie from the Executioners Hood.
    A similar sound came soon after from the Sweet Sword.

    The fog lifted although it seemed to follow the two fleeing ships. They were light, quick and it was clear they were the reason for the fog. The captain could have given chase, used the large ballista built into the bow of the Hood to drag one of the ships back and down, but they were not here to hunt pirates. Eventually the two Helian ships were close enough for men to walk between and while the warship had few losses, the trade ship had lost almost a quarter of the crew and several creates of goods.

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