Arcos Lore Drive

  • Baron

    Announcing the first lore drive on the server! This drive is open to all members of the server, and involves writing any kind of lore about Arcos. It will last until 11:59pm Central US Time of New Years Eve, though I suggest you submit lore beforehand and party during the holiday instead. Appropriate topics of discussion include history/legends of the realm, stories about the inhabitants of the island, general information about demographics/industries/flora/fauna, or anything you feel like! Keep in mind that any lore made about the "Arcosian Empire" must remain vague or unprovable to fit in with the established lore. In addition, I ask you to refrain from writing anything about the upcoming "comet event", which will be the focus of a later drive.

    Please use this post for reference about the base lore of the server.

    Selected pieces from the drive will be recorded in-game as books placed in the Arcos Library for newcomers to the server to read. Some of the lore may also be posted to the wiki at a later time. In addition, three individual lore posts will be recognized by the admins as deserving of a reward. The specific qualities we are looking for are:

    • Most Interesting
    • Most Informative
    • Most Awesome

    The authors of the selected pieces will win a perfect tool/armor piece of their choosing. A shulker box may be awarded to runner-ups as determined by the admins.

    Submissions may be put in the Arcos subforum and must be labelled as submissions. Any singular post will be counted as a submission, and each participant may have multiple submissions. Please create a response to this post with all your submissions as well.

    With that, I wish you luck!

  • Baron

  • Baron

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