Gea'rfalid's Application

  • Salutations to the many peoples of Candarion!

    My name is Gea'rfalid the Hungry, son of Ja'on the Flamekeeper and Le'iz the Healmother. I hail from the Mo'dai Islands, but so far i belive they had been forgotten by the inhabitants of the Imperial Continent. As the last of my litter i by tradition was the one to tend to my parents, meanwhile my brothers and sister pursued fame and fortune on the seas. Learining from my father, the ancient practice of flame tending used for our sacred meals and fascinated by my mothers talen for potioncrafting i was teased by my sibling for being a weakling and not a true warrior or wizard like them. Living a peaceful life i never suspected leaving our iland but alas, i was gravely wrong. One day, nightmares started to torment me, night after night i witnessed a creature, with my features spred on its grotesque body and one sentence still ringing in my ears long after i got out of bed, words i hear clearly to this day: I̕m͏ ̸s͢҉ǫ̴͘r͢r̵y̷ ҉̵J́̀͢á͠'͠҉͜ơ͜n̢͝. After twelve sleepless nights the creature came, from the center of the island, the sleeping La'zak'na, an ancient volcano it came, even more terrifying than in my dreams, screaming the cursed words i heard so many times. My father, may the gods bless him with many feasts, commanded me to leave, to take his seaslider and run, to light our holy flame in another save place, to find my siblings and warn them to not seek revange alone and lastly to find the ancient Imperial Texts of Food Alchemy, a long forgotten school of subtle alchemic tweaks to the diet of the emperor that kept the imperial family so powerful. Thats the reason i came to this land, to fulfil my father's dream and to use the knowledge i gather to defeat the evil that plagues the islands. i just hope i wont follow me...

    So hi, my name is Anthony and im from Poland (GMT+1) My Minecraft username is Anteczeq
    Ive been playing Minecraft since beta 1.5, it was the first game i got a sense of community from. I played on many different servers, as a regular player, somtimes a moderator or an admin. My expirience with worldbuilding comes mostly from creating characters, i belive a world dosent matter if its inhabitants are not enough to tell stories about them.
    Unfortunately i dont have any media to show off my builds, i never considered any of them impessive enough to record, i prefer being a part of a team effort if it comes to building.

    Thanks for reading, hope you accept me in your community

  • Baron

    I didn't realize shitposts counted for applications these days. 😛

    We do not need a whole lot of screenshots to evaluate your application. Would you be able to build something small in a creative world so we can gauge your building skills? It would go a long way in convincing people to vote on your application.

  • well i dont really ment it as a shitpost but i get why my refrences may look like that. I'll report back with some screenshots.

  • Baron

    No harsh feelings. I didn't actually think your application was a shitpost. I thought your lore was funny.

    Thank you! I look forward to seeing the screenshots!


    two quick builds, had a lot to do today, if that isnt enough let me know, ill step up my game

  • Baron

    I think your builds are really nice and could see that kind of thing fitting in well here.

    You have my vote. You need 4 more to advance

  • Viscount

    Vote 2/5

  • Count

    Hi there,

    Your application was pretty fun to read. Out of curiosity, do you want to use any of that in the actual lore once you are accepted, or was that just a fun exercise to write Garfield into lore?

    Where do you see yourself going in this server? You mention that you like to focus on creating characters over other aspects of worldbuilding. With that in mind, do you want to eventually start your own realm when you reach the rank of baron, or would you prefer to stay in someone else's realm long term, where perhaps the base lore (religion/economy/society stuff) has already been written, and you can focus solely on the characters living in that realm?

    Na Zdrowie!

  • Baron

    I really digged your lore, and your quick build are really cool! I'll gladly give you a vote!

  • Baron

    You've got my vote. 4/5

  • @Alric Me using Garfield in the actual lore of the server isn't a must, if change is needed I'll just twist some names around to make it less of a reference and more original. I kinda would like to still be an islander looking for old imperial secrets, If it comes to worldbuilding my vision is to wander around meet people, leave my mark on some settlements and if i decide its time I'll settle down and as my story says, light the sacred fire. If it comes to where i would stay long term during the time before building a settlement myself I'd choose something that was not touched upon to much but also has a group of active members.

  • Count

    Well, after having those questions answered, I'm satisfied. I will give you your last vote.
    Now you just need to schedule a voice interview with someone from the applications ministry. Good luck, and see you on the server!

  • Baron

    My man is approved. Lieges may now give vassalage offers.

  • Viscount

    alt text
    I would love to offer to you vassalage to Ostaria! Ostaria is an empire of six nations, filled to the brim with exciting cultural diversity and divine beings! Join me for an adventure through Ostaria, filled with powerful elder beasts, magical anomalies, a complex divine ladder, and not to mention bloodthirsty dwarves!

    Feel free to ask any questions here or on discord, and I will gladly answer.

    I promise to offer more freedom in building and lore than you could ever ask for! I would love to have you join me in Ostaria. I really like your play on Garfield for the lore.

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

    I really like the lore, gave me a good chuckle. Though we would likely have to change a bit if you joined me.

  • Baron

    alt text

  • After taking my time and debating with myself, I've decided to choose Darius as my liege and join Ostaria

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