Legislative Section of the Charter

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    Placing the legislative section up for public review. Our goal is to have this system begin on Monday the 31st. A few notes. Majority is greater than 50% of the vote. Supermajority is greater than 66% of the vote. These will be specified in a definitions section of the charter.

    V. Legislature
    a. Each noble has votes in the legislature in accordance with their Rank

    b. Any noble may put forth a motion for voting in the legislature

    c. Voting thresholds
    i. A motion to amend the Charter requires a supermajority vote
    ii. Any other motion requires a majority vote
    iii. Abstentions are considered a non-vote and are not included when calculating the voting thresholds.

    d. Voting Periods
    i. Voting periods run for 14 days, starting every other Monday
    ii. Motions must be posted on the first day of the period.
    iii. Votes are tallied at the end of the period.
    iv. Anyone who does not cast a vote or formally abstain during this period is considered to have abstained and becomes inactive at the end of the period.
    v. The Ministry of Justice will reach out in a public discord text chat at least three days before the end of the period to active players who have not voted.

    e. Emergency Vote
    i. The Ministry may initiate an emergency vote with a majority vote of the Ministers.
    ii. The emergency vote commences immediately and lasts until:
    It reaches a majority vote among active players
    Or, 7 days have passed, at which point the vote fails.
    f. All non-emergency proposed motions must be submitted for public discussion for at least 1 week before it may be voted on.

    Resolved with Charter: https://forums.candarion.com/topic/64/charter-for-candarion/9 -Alric

  • Withdrawn Baron

    This looks good! Clean and clear, and a non-lore framework for voting that creates fair, defined rules for voting and will hopefully facilitate clarity and transparency on the forums and within the community. My compliments to all those who participated in the discussion, and had a hand in drafting it - nice work!

    I do wonder if it is worth specifying how the Minister for Justice will reach out to those who have yet to vote. Will they reach out to each individual member by private message? Will they post a general reminder message in commons and link the thread? Should they be required to do one or the other, and is it worth specifying? I'm not necessarily convinced that it is, but I'd like to avoid a situation where a vote is disputed because someone feels they were not notified and points to the Charter as unclear.

    I also have one minor quibble: if we're defining voting thresholds, Majority should properly be described as 50% +1, with Supermajority as 66% +1. It looks like you're putting those in a separate, Definitions sections, which is fine and means that this isn't perhaps relevant here anyway. Just a thought.

    Thanks all! Things are shaping up well.

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    @MinisterJenkins in regards to the justice dept reaching out, public discord text chat means a new channel, similar to announcements.

    Any votes on the table will be linked there, and everyone (active) who hasn't voted will be @ tagged by the minister or a deputy.

    As for definitions, I think "greater than x%" is better than x% +1

    For a majority vote, if we have 21 active voters, 50% is 10.5+1=11.5 votes needed. Since you can't have half a vote, that rounds it to 12. But in reality, a 11-10 vote should pass the bill.

  • Prince

    What is the reasoning behind the rather rigid voting period structure?

    I am not opposed to keeping a vote open for a while, but I don't think this really addresses the old issue of votes being hammered through so quickly and quietly. I think having a mandatory discussion posting and longer period for topics to be talked about before a vote is brought up would address it better than having a two week voting period.

  • Baron

    @ThunderPony IIRC It's largely to ease the administrative burden of tracking activity, votes, mandatory discussion period, etc.

    f. All non-emergency proposed motions must be submitted for public discussion for at least 1 week before it may be voted on.

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    @ThunderPony as aron said, there is a week of discussion required.

    The last charter technically had a 2 week period as well, but he who shall not be named just started ignoring it once we reached the threshold. In this system, the threshold will only be calculated at the end of the period for administrative reasons, so the period will have to run in its entirety.

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