Kryizon Land Claim

  • Baron

    Expansion Request

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    I am requesting a minor expansion into the sea south of Kryizon, it's a known secret that Sebastian is currently building on an unclaimed island in this sea. He intends to start a realm there but in order to do that he needs to meet certain build requirements and unfortunately the builds on this island do not count towards that as the builds are on unclaimed land.
    I would like to claim this land so that he can count his build's and meet the requirements to start his own realm.
    We intend to link our two realms with lore, so I would like to claim the other island specifically for my realm, so I can develop that island to fit our growing lore narrative.

    Please if you have any questions or are confused about what I am requesting comment below or dm me.

  • Baron

    I see no issues with this, it's not too big of a claim and you have a have clear plan for its use.

  • Baron

    It’s about damn time. IMO, Sebastian should’ve been banned months ago for building on unclaimed land, but this is the next best thing.

  • Baron

    I have no problem with this proposal

  • Baron

    I would propose we ban Tsal, but this is a valid alternative.

  • Duke

    I dont have any issue with this

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