My Search for the Truth. Entry #1

  • Viscount

    Entry 1:

    I’ve been tracking it for years. No, really… it has been my life’s work of sorts. Damn, this search of mine… trying to find the truth… it has me living in rags! I’ve become that of an outcast to Myralian society. Although the truth is, I have no interest in the big cities from whence I came. It lives in the woods, occasionally meandering the open plains in the darkest hours of the night. No reason to stay near the city. I find my bare necessities by stealing from small towns across the plains of Myralis. I do feel somewhat bad, though… some of these towns have been truly generous to me. I’ve made friends across the nation. Friends that I have stolen from in secret. That isn’t what matters, though. I must know who… no, what this thing is! Frankly, I’m not even sure if it is one thing! I have seen it many times in the distance. It seems to take on many forms, either that or there are multiple absurd beings stalking the plains!

    I have drawings. Artwork that I have compiled over the years. Sometimes, I sit upon a hill with my journal and charcoal, observing them. They are tall and slender. I’m unsure as it is so dark, but I’m fairly certain they lack colour. They are dark like a void. Oh, if only Darius knew of those terribly long limbs! They make me shiver… so ghoulish they are… I fear getting too close.

    I’ve heard rumours of an order formed in the south. A collective of specially trained units, bearing the sigil of a dragon. It is told that they hold superhuman abilities. Anyway, there are many tales across the nation, differing from town to town about these sigil holders. One thing is for sure, though. They hunt these monsters. I’ve heard that they hunt grand beasts, terrible creatures from unknown worlds. I’m curious, though… why are the beings of my tracking still among the plains, the woods, all across Myralis? I’d be certain that the order would take care of them… right? I must continue my search.

    All I know for now is that these creatures exist. They stalk the forests, and roam the plains. They are slow, and tall. They do not seem malicious, but I wouldn’t risk getting close. They seem curious. At first glance, they appear to be simple minded. I believe them to be intelligent, though. They are conscious. They are here for a reason. They want something.

    I shall continue to watch from a distance. I will record my findings. Until next time.