My Search for the Truth. Entry #2

  • Viscount

    Entry 2:

    I know, I know! I found the truth! Well, some of it. Okay, I haven’t. Progress though. I’ve made progress. After doing some digging, I’ve uncovered some interesting information. Upon writing my last journal, I became obsessed with the idea of learning more about this mysterious order. To eternal suffering with the tall beings of the dark nights, the order has simply become too interesting.

    It was to my delight when I was visiting Patavium, a small town to the southwest, I encountered a group of travellers at the local tavern. See, these men weren’t ordinary travellers as they may have proclaimed. They spoke of being men from Teurnia in the North, here to trade linen with the local tailor. I listened to their conversation from the distance as I sipped my ale. Nothing peculiar had been said, but I couldn’t help but realize their ragged clothing. There they were! Selling linen! Linen, to make clothing! Certainly, as merchants with a plentiful hand of coins, and hailing from Teurnia, they must certainly be better dressed. It seemed suspicious, truly! An act! An absolute act! Surely, they were having an off day. They were genuinely overselling it, to put on rags as men selling linen? On my behalf, the rags were even more beneficial to overcoming the truth, as I could see partially through some torn fabric. Of course, it was almost too convenient! Me, right here, on my search for the order, just so happens to stumble upon a few poorly disguised men… clearly from the order!

    They had finished their ale and said goodbye to the bartender. As they exited the tavern, I followed behind. Once we were a significant distance away, I hollered at them.

    “Oye! Lads!” I yelled to the men, and they turned. Confused and alarmed, they seemed.

    “Yes? What is it? Is something the matter?” They seemed awkward. I was certain they were not accustomed to dealing with the common stranger. How pitiful, Darius have mercy.

    “Did you hear about the tall men? I mean, the creatures, these beings! Truly, you must have!” It was my turn to oversell my idea. I settled with ratting out my otherworldly friends, although I had a plan.

    “My golly, what are you on about?” The two men looked at each other, and back to me. “You mustn’t see such things.”

    “Oh, but I have! In the woods, nightly in the plains! Slim they are! Dark in appearance and mighty terrifying!”

    To spare the dialogue, as my fingers grow tired, I led them on for what must have been hours. They then took their leave.

    I remained with a parting gift. A note.