Kakaisda Fact Sheet Updated!

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    Kakaisda, or Fish Isle, is a small tropical island off the coast of Kisaevin. It’s inhabited by fish-like humanoids (Kakaisdans). They lead a prosperous life in devotion to their pantheon of gods, working hard at day and partying all night. Their main food source is fish, because it’s hard to grow crops there. They have formed an alliance with Kisaevin, and constantly trade goods.

    Exports: Fish. Fishing supplies (nets and fishing rods). Dyes (from the flowers)

    Imports: Produce (fruits, vegetables, grains)

    The fish species itself used to live only in the water, but began living on land too over the millennia. They’re more amphibian now, being spawned in water but living on land. They used to hunt in packs in the water, but when they discovered boats and nets they realized that was way more effective than diving at fish.

    As they began to move into land, the hunting groups made small villages on deserted islands. Each hunting group, which would comprise of ten fish people, got their own island. Kakaisda is just one of many islands inhabited by these fish people.

    The worshipping of gods came after establishing civilization. They worship the celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars, clouds).

    Common problems in Kakaisda include vitamin deficiencies (no fruits or vegetables grown there so looooots of scurvy).

    Picture of the citizens: https://imgur.com/4vP3Rnc

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