A Distant Echo of a Long Forgotten Life

  • Baron

    There are many problems the Myrmidons face when attempting to bargain with the lords of Candarion. They speak an indecipherable language and act in mannerisms unlike that of any humanoid race. Despite this, the Lord Eternal of Aiolia decided to host the enigmatic arthropods. This is because of the actions of an individual only known as The Mouthpiece.

    The Mouthpiece is a human having been dominated by The Queen's intense pheromonic manipulation. And while his servitude to Queen and swarm has been that of lifetimes, there's a man chained deep within him that once had a life. Once had a family. Once had goals and ambitions. Just like those of any other human.

    One more important fact about The Mouthpiece is that he'd been experiencing pheromone withdrawal. With The Queen en route from distant lands, the link between monarch and servant began to blur. It was only a few days ago, in fact, that this dormant man had finally roused.

    It was a morning like any other: he was to help the Myrmidon advance party to prepare the colony for the arrival of The Queen. However, a long dormant aspect awoke that day. The sensation of identity. The Mouthpiece became agonizingly aware of his being human, and as such, sought company with the humans in the port city of Salina.

    It was here that The Mouthpiece would come to meet an ancient seer, acting as a hermit on the fringes of the city. Mouthpiece approached the hut, when her raspy voice started, "If you have come to rob me, you will find yourself sorely disappointed. My asceticism makes sure of that." It had easily been lifetimes since he could experience a conversation as an individual, and not an extension of the swarm. This sudden shock paralyzed him, and he stood silently over the decrepit woman. "I see, your presence is for far more than that of the material. Come inside. You are in the presence of a veteran seer."

    The hut was a dilapidated mess, to say the least. The interior was barren, save for a basket of spare, dry bread and a mound of dirt, raised higher than that of the earthen floor. Mouthpiece had instinctively followed as he had been ordered, and it led him right onto the floor across from the aged hag. "You seek answers to ages of long lost time, do you not? Come, I will divine your past, lost one."

    With this utterance, a bag of small, rounded bones was presented. "Reach into the bag, and 3 runes shall choose you, lost one." Once again, Mouthpiece could do nothing but follow, and he withdrew 3 rounded bones, carved with peculiar runic symbology. Before it could even be processed, the runes were snatched from his hand, and the seer began, "There is a peculiar essence to you, lost one. You have lived a full life, filled to the brim with adventure, excitement, and heroism. Yet, I see you here as a husk of this life."

    Mouthpiece retained his silence, save for a faint frown that had invaded his visage.

    "The divination depicts you as a brave warrior, and a conqueror of evil. You had nearly fulfilled your prophecy, but you've abandoned everyone you had tried to save."

    His frown shifted into a full-blown death stare aimed directly towards the woman.

    "What happened to you, lost one? You had a life!"
    For the first time in this encounter, Mouthpiece had mustered up his ability to speak. What came out, though, was a meager "stop" hidden under his breath.

    "You monster! You've abandoned everyone and everything! They DEPENDED on you! And this is how you repay them?!"

    Mouthpiece gripped his hardened myrmidon mandible hidden within his garments. "Stop. now."

    But she continued "You've sidestepped fate and you've gotten exactly what you deserve! Haven't you, lost one?!"

    Striking the old woman's hand, the runes fell to the ground, perfectly aligned with one another. "I said, STOP IT."

    The hag, quieted down and gave a look of compassion, a stark contrast from all of the hateful shouting. "Your children. They're still alive out there, you know? You could still save them."
    Upon this, Mouthpiece jammed his sharpened mandible into the frail lady's side. As crimson liquid flowed from the violent wound, the woman shuddered, "You are being lied to... Lost one..."
    It's said that the hag was never seen again, and that there was no trace of a body, save for the profuse blood soaking through the dirt floor.
    At the Myrmidon hive, however, Mouthpiece had stopped to consider this unpleasant experience. He kneeled in some subterranean chamber and took the mandible to his scarred skin, bleeding in penance for his curiosity.

    "Any man that I once was is forever and always: dead. Only love and servitude for you, my Queen, remains..."

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