What Drives You?

  • Baron

    Hey all!,

    In our endless pursuit to make the server as amazing as possible some of us agreed to start this thread asking the question "What Drives You?". Basically put - what are the things that motivates you to build and write on the server? Even if you haven't done either of those things in a long time what for YOU is the main thing/things that make you want to hop on the server and build or write lore?

    Also, what is one (1) thing we could change and/or add to the server that would make you more motivated to build and write?

    Please reply with just the answer to these two questions, let's try not to bog down this thread with unrelated stuff if we can help it! Love you all.

  • Count

    I want to be the very best
    Like no one ever was
    to build worlds is my real test,
    to tour them is my cause!

    I will travel across the land,
    building far and wide.
    writing lore so you understand, the characters inside.

    Gotta build it all!

  • Minister Duke

    Internal drive for the most part. I want to create a giant realm and get people to work with me on it. I build to attract others, and I want others so that we can build together. I love writing, just usually takes a bit to get steam going on that front. I think incentives when you reach a certain rank, such as x amount of resources that you get so that we can keep building up our world.

  • Baron

    I write to express myself, that is unattached from the server. My style of writing is personal and I'd do it if not on the server... But this server gives me prompts and direction, but I write without those as well.

    I build because I kind of want lore to... exist in some other form than literature. Stories influence my building. I gain passion to build if I am working with someone who is genuinely excited about the lore and collaborating on ideas together.

    One thing that could change to make me more motivated to build is honestly more interconnectedness of lore.. It's so hard to read all the lore of realms and want to contribute to those stories/ideas with builds when it seems like we all live in like.. totally isolated worlds completely cut-off from one another. That's not a one singular problem thing... and I don't expect that to ever change, it's intrinsic to the server. But I wanted to be honest.

  • Baron

    It's the community for me. I have a hard time motivating myself to build or write. If left to my own devices I'd put out something on the order of every two months. But the thing that really gets me doing stuff is seeing other people do stuff. Even if there's a few people in the discord, just seeing them there is enough to get me to join them. What really drives me to make lore and builds is to create something I can share with my friends.

    The thing that gets brought up as the golden age of this community is the Greenmoor Civil War. In my opinion, what made that great was the interactions between everyone. We had people excited to collaborate and to work together. People from opposite ends of the map made post after post about the conflict. It was a highlight of my time in this community. All it took was a few people to get the entire community energized.

    For me, what makes this server worth going back to is that we all make it worth going back to together.

  • Baron

    My drive is based on just, doing the world building and being around people that ive become friends with or might become friends with.

  • Baron

    For me, its the community. I feel at my most inspired to write and build when I can do so with my friends and/or when I can help someone see their own vision better.

    And, very honestly speaking, I don't feel there is anything that could be changed about the server that would make me more motivated - but I do want to make sure what other people want are incorporated into the server as best as possible 🙂

  • Baron

    I love to be creative, Minecraft is one of the best ways I've found to be creative. This server expands on that by allowing me to write lore and build a world where actual people can interact with that.

    As has been mentioned I'd love to see more inter-realm lore. Wars, union, trade, world events, shared religions, etc.

  • Esquire

    I generally get motivated when I see the stuff that others on the server build/write and whenever I stumble upon some inspiration that I feel I can do something cool with and build upon. Unfortunately my motivation disappears nearly as fast as it comes on, so it's hard for me to get the drive to actually do anything productive.

    As for the server, I honestly don't know what could be changed to help me get more motivated

  • Knight

    @LawnBoy072 At first, my main motivator was just “you have to build” and that got me through kind of, but now I think it’s more a mix of loving where my story is going (with the fishple) and enjoying building with friendly people

  • Baron

    What motivates me to build and write lore? Nothing really. I like making farms and a few buildings but I just don't have the building drive I did previously. That being said, what I realize this go-around is that we are much less Minecraft-focused (as hard as it is to believe), we are much broader community then we used to be. It's not just Minecraft anymore and I think that is part of the reason many of us don't feel the insistent need to build and write lore all the time. The feeling of belonging to the community feels much less tied to Minecraft then it ever did previously, so why stress so much about constantly trying to pump out new and creative ideas? So what drives me? You guys do. While my efforts may not spent on building as much as other people, I put my efforts elsewhere and I think that is just as important as the in-game aspects, if not more important. I think a lot of folks are here because of the community and Minecraft is almost secondary, but many others are here with MC being the primary focus and that difference of perspective is okay. So just because a player isn't writing lore or building, it doesn't mean they're not driven to participate in the community.

  • Baron

    I joined the server to collaboratively worldbuild- be that through writing stories together or building a flowing realization of that world. The interactivity is the most exciting part for me, it's geopolitical theater.

    And yet much of the world feels empty. I get motivated seeing new builds on the server because it makes me feel like I'm not contributing to a dead project, and because I really just want to explore other people's worlds.

  • Lust....

  • Esquire

    I want to build stuff. I want to build the things I like, ideally without any restrictions other than my creativity. I want to build things that are immersive, where I could lose myself in and that I'm proud of. But I don't have the motivation to do so. Seeing other people online, playing with others and seeing their builds, looking at what they did, getting inspiration and showing what I did and just maybe have people think of my own builds something like "wow, that's actually cool" is what might give me the motivation to actually do stuff I wouldn't do alone.
    Also I don't like writing, I'd prefer to create a cool world which tells most of the story if one is wandering around and looking at details.

    In terms of what to change on the server: Anything that increases the number of active players + interaction possibilities would also make me more active. Things like small events, be it just for a small activity rush for a few hours, or generally things where multiple people work together means I would be more likely joining in aswell.

  • Baron

    Honestly, despite my atrocious pace in building and writing, the only reason why I build and write here is because of you guys. I've built buildings in single player creative before and built backstories behind them, but always abandon them before finishing because what's the point? I've also made a worldbuilding project before I joined Aldemeria, but abandoned it as soon as I got invested with the server. The community is basically a platform to showcase my ideas and interact with everyone else's world.

    I can say personally that the reason why I'm not building or writing much is perhaps because I've set too high of a standard for what my world is. I've got a specific idea, theme, image, and execution for what Sogadar is and should be, and that leads to a lot of rewrites and rebuilding because I'm not satisfied with my own effort. But striving for that near-perfect image of Sogadar that I had in mind and finally showing it to you guys itself motivate me enough that I haven't changed realms or abandoned any of my builds. It's at a snails pace, but I think its worth it for me.

  • Baron

    This is a difficult question for me to answer, mainly due to complexity, but partially because I've been avoiding thinking about this stuff too hard.

    First and foremost, the community is what keeps me anchored here. You guys are without a doubt some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with online. I'm not lying when I tell applicants that everyone here is a genuinely nice person (post Fishening at least...). I'm genuinely impressed and awed most days with either someones lore piece, or a build screenshot, or some other thing I'd never thought to do myself.

    Primarily I want to just build some cool shit and write a nice story or two. It helps when several people are on when Im on, although that can sometimes prove fatal as I devolve into just run-jumping around the place instead of being productive. I always feel inspired when theres a build contest or lore competition, but I can never keep hold of it enough to follow through. I feel thats more on me and my lack of willpower rather than the activities themselves, which is my key issue: Motivation.

    The past year has been a tough one for me. The old server going tits up meant we had to start again and I lost a lot of motivation. I enjoy the 'start from nothing' element of a new server map, but damn do I miss all the shit I and we had built. The additional blow of losing who I felt was a good friend also did me a wrong un for a while. Then IRL I had to get a second job which impacted my spare time, then moving job/country, etc. There's some more I wont go into, but it feels like I've been away for the better part of 12 months. Plus a lot of creative energy has gone into YouTube. I've been thinking of ways I can combine Candarion with You-tube though so I might be able to solve that issue...

    I'll be honest in saying that a part of why I've found it difficult to transition my motivation to Candarion, above issues aside, is the changes in the way ranks and vassals work. I was against the current setup and I think its made things too 'loose' and 'vague' for my liking. Im fully aware some have preferred the current setup so I won't moan too much. It just confuses me and seems like a lot of rank stuff is arbitrary. It just made more sense to me to keep all the stuff tied to the realm, but I know im outnumbered here.

    If I could change one thing, I'd compress the ranks and get rid of the unnecessary middle tiers. Commoner, followed by 2/3 noble ranks would probably be easier to follow. Its one aspect of the OG server I think they had right.

    Issues aside, I think my want to build and then following through with that is starting to go back in the right direction.

  • Baron

    Now a big reason as to why I haven't been active in the last few months has been mostly due to my legal obligation as a Finn to go through military training, which is not something that gets my creative juices going very often. But I feel I'm being disingenuous if I tell you that's the sole reason. I have time most weekends and there's plenty of free time I could be using to write, design, I could bring a laptop to barracks and build a bit in the evenings etc., but I don't. The most active I have been on this server was when we were building spawn and even then I was not really doing much in comparison to some.

    A primary reason I think is because I feel like I'm just a bad builder in general. When I look at stuff other people build and then look back at my stuff the difference is quite obvious (to me at least). This was true on the last server as well. I feel like most of my stuff should be at least 1,5 times the size they are currently to really capture the feel I want to go for, but When I do try and build big it feels very blocky and bare. I enjoy the placing blocks bit, but I think I'm not that good of a designer in general. The lore bit comes naturally and I honestly already have a lot planned, but I don't feel like writing anything down when my realm currently consists of half a tunnel and a bridge. I also share the sentiment with ol' Seppy in that I find it difficult to start over without all my cool stuff, although I feel my realm is much more interesting in its premise than last time.

    Then why stick around? Y'all, of course. Some of the most fun I had on the last server was when we were building the netherlines and talking shit in voice chat, and when collaborating with the last real lore event of Aldemeria in the Greenmoor civil war. I try and keep up with the discord as much as I can (which has become quite difficult as of late with all the activity the new people have brought on!) and contribute where I feel like I can. I hope we can have something like those on this server as well, I know the Anniversary Games are right around the corner and I believe I get to attend those so that should be fun.

    All in all, I hope to get over my inferiority complex and just build, for one does not learn if one never tries. Maybe not until my service is over, but if Baungrvuor is not the goddamn greatest fucking dwarven realm any of you have ever seen by the end of next fall I will eat my baret.

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